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Sylvania's community website was created in 2013 to fill a void.  While other cities and regions have had their own community sites for years, until now Sylvania City & Township, as a combined community, has never had its own locally established address on the web where everyone can access vital information.

With a thriving, bustling, and growing business and residential population of over 60,000 in Sylvania City & Township combined, Simply Sylvania gives this community the opportunities it deserves for sharing information and establishing better communication between neighbors, businesses, and local organizations.


The sky is the limit.  With their own community website now,  residents can browse the sites of local shops & restaurants, neighborhoods can share the news about community garage sales, school groups can advertise fundraisers, churches can announce upcoming events, and businesses can reach out with pride to share their products & services with the local community.

Do you have an upcoming activity or business event that you would like to share with the 60,000 people of Sylvania City & Township?  Event listings are free of charge, so drop us a line thru our Contact Page today and we'll get you connected! 

Celebrate & Enjoy Every Season--in Sylvania!

About Simply Sylvania...

Sylvania's community website publishes entertaining & important news, information, resources, and safety alerts to help residents get the most out of life throughout every season.  

All writing, editing, & reporting is done by local professional writers & journalists, so readers can rest assured that important journalism standards, ethics, and practices are adhered to when creating all published works. 

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We're celebrating Sylvania every day, and enjoying the journey, Tree City-style!  Thanks for joining us!

-Amanda K., Managing Editor
Author, poet, gardener, and mom to three terrific Sylvania boys.

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Over 21,000 Sylvania area residents now follow Sylvania News on social media, the #1 social media outlet and online destination for Sylvania City & Township residents for five years!

Sylvania news
A word from the editor...
sylvania news

On a personal note, just in case you're wondering...This publication came into being back in the fall of 2013, with a series of “Haunted Sylvania” ghost stories, then “Christmas in Sylvania” celebrations, and then “Winter in Sylvania,” “Springtime in Sylvania,” “Sylvania News,” and so on.


A Sylvania native, I moved out of downtown Sylvania in late 2016.  We sold our family’s Main & Maplewood building, where our Sylvania News office had originally been located, and while still in the "moving" process I took a break to to go night skiing with my son, who attends college near Cleveland. (And yes, that building is haunted. Totally.)

In Chardon, Ohio, I had a horrific skiing accident, one which landed me in a hospital with the prospect of my leg being amputated. My leg was saved, but many months of recovery followed along with a new life in a wheelchair, with a walker, and then later a cane. The medical staff insisted I accept that this was a "life-altering event," which I did, although I now prefer to call it a change for the better.  I spent those many months in bed researching, reading, and becoming educated on all things healing/recovery/spiritual in nature. Today, I am a better person than I was the day my leg was twisted off on that ski slope (Just ask my kids!).  And as odd as it may sound, I am grateful for every moment of agony, from being towed down the side of the mountain in a sled to those first steps toward walking again many months later.  Like the great moments of love, joy and beauty in my life, these moments have brought me to where I am today.

I head out to Washington D.C. as often as I can to spend time with my son who attends college there.  Our nation's capital-- with it's rich history, bustling museums, and vibrant university community--always inspires me.  Always. 

I ditched the cane in the spring of ‘18, opting for a limp rather than the attention-gathering cane, and now was completely, independently, mobile again.  I began to contemplate how to pick up the pieces of my former life, and what I should do with the Sylvania online presence I had created back in 2013. I had studied and published poetry under Toledo’s first Poet Laureate, Joel Lipman, as part of the U.T. grad program; written scripts for national radio and TV commercials; published hundreds of articles in various local and national publications; and even worked as a French translator (Oui, je parle français. Un peu.).  What next?


By chance, I had encounters with a few Sylvania business owners over the summer, and they thanked me for promoting their businesses, and encouraged me to keep moving forward.  I quickly realized that my heart still belonged to Sylvania, to the people, the neighborhoods, the history, and the stories....and that I should continue what I started in 2013--using my online writing skills to help people communicate with each other on the web.  Because this was an extension of what I started 40 years ago and the decades of writing and publishing scripts, poetry, short stories, historical features, and investigative journalism. This summer, everything fell into place, the words came, and a renamed, refurbished, and very re-energized version of this web presence was created:


I do take on freelance writing assignments outside of this publication, and also help our local businesses and organizations establish a presence on the web, so that we can all enjoy each other’s company in this wonderful new online world.  A parent of a wonderful young man with autism, I also strive to be a champion for all people with disabilities.

I am so glad you stopped by!  Keep in touch, will you?     -Amanda K.


Take a stroll down memory lane with us, through our five years of fun on the web!
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