After All These Years, Ohio's Still Cooking!   2019 Sylvania Edition
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“After All These Years, Ohio’s Still Cooking! -Sylvania Edition,” began taking shape a decade ago, with four lovely ladies willing to share their time and memories with a local reporter.

Their stories sparked an interest in that reporter, who felt she’d stumbled upon a vein of glittering gold.

The reporter mined that vein with a passion, seeking out cooks and cookbooks that had remained under the radar for generations, camping out in the local history wing of public libraries, even hounding startled passers-by to reach far back into their memories for long forgotten secret family recipes... and, with great delight, discovering gourmet gold time and time again.  Without fail every interview, every recipe, and every featured cook brought the past back to life in a unique, flavorful way that warmed the heart to the perfect temperature for a batch of sweet nostalgia.

For ten years the reporter wrote features that celebrated Ohio’s friendly, fun, and flavorful history, until there were so many stories, a book had to be made. 

photo: Marietta Laux, Nancy Fox, Lois Brinning, and Mary Brubaker (2010)

After All These Years, Ohio's Still Cooking  -Sylvania Edition

Celebrating 200 years of Ohio's friendly, fun, and flavorful history!  Vintage photos and old newspaper clippings add to the nostalgia of these treasured tales, secret family recipes, and little bits of history behind the Sylvania, Ohio cooks who created it all.  Some names you already know, and some you'll be glad to meet. Collection spans a decade of locally published cooking & history articles. Considered to be a Sylvania, Ohio version of a bathroom reader, this book is fun to read and enjoyable wherever you call home. Cook & eat, read and relax, and enjoy!

Proceeds from this edition of the book will benefit the Sylvania Firefighters union, to assist and support these first responders with the charitable work they do for the community throughout the year.


The publication is in honor of Art Landseadel, Sylvania's first forester, and also Marietta Laux, Sylvania volunteer extraordinaire.  


"It's not only chock-full of good Sylvania cooking, it's also interesting, informative, and surprisingly humorous when you least expect it.  Sylvania's version of a bathroom reader.  You'll be reaching for this book again and again, even when you're not cooking!"


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