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Sylvania Township News, April 2020
by Mike Jones
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 JEDD  April 16 , 2020

The Sylvania Township trustees have set May 5 as a public hearing date for a proposed Joint Economic Development District with the City of Sylvania for the property generally known as Oakleaf Village, 4220 Holland-Sylvania Rd.

The tentative agreement includes, among other things, a prohibition against the city trying to annex the property while the JEDD exists.

It also calls for a board to be established to oversee the district in terms of necessary maintenance and tax collections.

Those in the JEDD would become subject to the 1.5 percent income tax which is the rate of Sylvania city.

After deductions for a maintenance fund for the district and some administrative charges, the city and township would share the revenue equally.

Oliver Turner, Sylvania Township administrator, said the township’s share of revenue from employee taxes would be between $15,000 and $19,000 per year.

The public hearing is to be part of the trustees’ regularly scheduled meeting at 5 p.m.

 Zone  April 15, 2020

Work on an updated Sylvania Township zoning resolution is moving forward, according to Daryl Graus, township manager of planning and zoning.

Last September, Sylvania Township trustees approved a contract with Reveille, Ltd., of Bowling Green, to update the township’s resolution, working with the staff of the township planning and zoning office.

The zoning resolution is the written compilation or rules and resolutions controlling the use of land in the township.

Although it has been added to based on resolutions passed by the trustees, it has not had what will be a basic rewrite in at least 20 years, Mr. Graus said.

It is the primary source referred to when planners make decisions concerning proposed developments or changes in land use in the township.

Glenn Grisdale, president of Reveille, also noted that it is a source used by developers when in the planning stage for a project in Sylvania Township.

He added that any document can become unwieldy when it is added to over 20 years.

“One of the things we are aiming for is to make the document more streamlined, easier to read, easier to find what your looking for.” he said.

Mr. Graus said he recently finished a change in the resolution’s Article 30, “landscaping, screening.”

“What had been one page is now six pages,” he said. But much of that was due to adding “fencing,” a subsection of Article 22,  supplemental regulations.”

The change was made because both topics tend primarily to do with the borders of properties.

Mr Grisdale said the project is not meant to  be a revision of the zoning resolution, but an attempt to simplify it and hopefully make it more user friendly for internet use.

The resolution in its present form can be found at at the zoning department under the heading of Sylvania Township Zoning Laws.

There are 32 articles with subtopics covered, and within most articles there are restrictions noted. Under the general commercial article, as an example, there is a list of permitted business uses.

Restrictions on building height, and how far from the lot line the building must be situated and similar topics.

Each of the articles will be redone and brought up to date.

The original plan was to bring several redone articles at a time to the Sylvania Township Zoning Commission and to the Lucas Count Plan Commission.

Mr. Grisdale said bringing the resolution in increments to those bodies, may not work as easily with changes in public meeting forced by the coronavirus.

“We may just present them with the fully-updated resolution, but that decision hasn’t been made,” he added.

Reveille was a key consultant in preparing the Sylvania Township Land Use Plan completed in 2018.

Mr. Graus said the work differs because the land use plan presents a vision of how certain developments should be sited in certain areas and along major corridors.

“The zoning resolution has the specifics. It’s the law,” he said.

He added that because of the land use plan working with Reveille has been smooth.

“They know us and we know them,” he added.

The project is expected to run through 2020 at a cost not to exceed $40,000.

Notice of Sylvania Township Trustees Regular Meeting April 21   April 15, 2020

The Sylvania Township Trustees will hold a Regular Meeting at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21, 2020.


The public may attend the meeting electronically via telephone at (877) 568-4106 using the Access Code 677-255-877 or via their computer, tablet or smartphone at

If any citizen would like to test the technology in advance of the meeting they are encouraged to contact Township Administrator Oliver Turner at


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