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Mayor's Message by Craig A. Stough
April 29, 2021
"Proposed DORA Expansion & Food Truck Regulations"  

Sylvania City Council has set and advertised a Public Hearing for the proposed expansion of the  downtown Sylvania Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA).


This public hearing is  required by Ohio Revised Code ORC 4301.81 to make any changes to the existing DORA.   The  public hearing will be Monday, June 7, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. in City Council Chambers to receive  public comment and input.  

Mayor Craig Stough

City of Sylvania Mayor,
Craig A. Stough

The original DORA was requested by downtown business owners and approved by City Council  in 2019 after several months of study, consideration and review by a committee of area business  owners, home owners and councilmembers.  That original DORA included Main Street from Monroe Street north to mid-block between Erie and Maplewood, and adjacent areas of  Maplewood.  

The DORA has been very popular with many of our residents and businesses, especially during  the COVID-19 precautions and guidelines restricting inside dining. The Sylvania Police routinely drive through the area and have reported few problems or enforcement issues.  


Due to a change in Ohio Law, City Council was able in July of last year to expand the DORA to  include the downtown mini-park at the northeast corner of Main Street and Maplewood.  Previously, Ohio Law did not allow public parkland to be included in DORAs, but the Ohio  Legislation withdrew that restriction earlier last year.  That park has outdoor seating popular with  downtown visitors and DORA patrons.  

City Council has now been asked to further expand the existing DORA to include additional  areas:  

  •  Main Street north to Erie Street  

  •  Maplewood east to Summit Street  

  •  Summit Street south from Maplewood one half block towards Monroe Street  Becker Place  

  •  Sylvania Heritage Village  

Once public comment and input have been received at the public hearing, City Council will  consider making changes to the proposed enlargement areas, and is required by Ohio Law to pass  legislation to enact any of the requested expansions.  

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Sylvania City Council has also been requested by the Downtown Sylvania Association (DSA) to  consider adopting Food Truck regulations.  This request is in response to the increased  popularity of our downtown, especially during First Friday Art Walks, and the increased interest  from food truck operators to be present.  City Council is considering the need to confirm the  safety of these food trucks, control the number of food trucks, determine where they can park  and limit the noise they generate.  


The proposed Food Truck regulations have been referred to City Council's Employee and  Community Relations Committee for study and development of these new regulations.  The  Committee set Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 5:00 P.M. in City Council Chambers to meet again and  discuss the proposed regulations as being developed with the help of the City's Law Director and  Safety Director. 

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