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Brieschke's Bakery says "Farewell" after 37 years

Don and Bonnie Brieschke recently celebrated 37 years in business on Main Street in downtown Sylvania.  Now the owners of the beloved bake shop are retiring, and as they prepare to hand over the keys to the new bakers, a heartfelt letter and video have been posted online for a fond farewell to Sylvanians.

Summer Fun 2021

May 27, 2021

"It is with heavy hearts that Brieschke’s Bakery announces its official transition to new ownership. We, Bonnie and Don, are officially retiring and could not have asked for a better community to support us throughout this business's lifespan. This community--along with our sweat, our tears, and a passion for connecting with people--helped propel this business in a way we couldn’t fathom.

Thank you to everyone who has visited to support the bakery and help our family grow in all of our years here. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the long-time customers that have been visiting from day one to the customers we were just starting to develop relationships with. We truly would not be here without you.

Don’t hesitate to stop in and visit in this last month to say goodbye while we transition to new ownership. We will introduce you to the people we believe will carry on this small town, family-run, traditional bakery. We love our community and will miss seeing you in the mornings. Thank you Sylvania-- you have helped create an excellent home for our family. 💓

The video below shows a glimpse of our blessed journey these past 38 years. Thank you for the memories! Please stay tuned for more updates. 😄

Don & Bonnie and the Brieschke Family
A special thank-you goes to our friend and talented videographer Zak Films for capturing our story so beautifully."

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