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Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce announces new Executive Director
Tiffany Scott takes on leadership role

Tiffany Scott is the new Executive Director of the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce.

"I am thrilled to lead this organization and continue to lead in Sylvania," said Scott, who accepted the new position on Monday.   "It’s an outstanding organization, and it’s easy to lead in such an outstanding community."

tiffany scott

Tiffany Scott

Executive Director, Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce

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Michelle Sprott had led the Chamber for five years until she left mid-March of this year, after which Scott has been serving as interim director.  Scott explained that the Chamber's board of directors went through a hiring process during which the job opening was announced to the public and posted for 30 days, and then interviews began after that.   


"I worked with Michelle for over two years," shared Scott.  "She not only was my boss, and my mentor, but she also became one of my best friends.  We worked very closely together,  especially in 2020 with all the adjustments that had to be made during COVID."

Scott held the position of the Chamber's community relations manager for the last two years.


"I do want to continue the partnerships that the Sylvania Chamber has developed over the years, through all the leadership," Scott noted.  "I want to work with everybody, I want to know our business owners personally, I want to know our organization leaders.  I really want to continue the Sylvania Chamber growing in a strong capacity."

Scott, whose family owns Mayberry Ice Cream, and has been a member of the Chamber for five years.

"I do plan to put my own spin on a few things," Scott added.  "I am working with our outstanding board of directors to go over where we see our mission and goals leading into the rest of 2021 and the future."

Scott will be leading the next Chamber luncheon on Wednesday May 5, honoring the Chamber Champions of 2021, at the Sylvania Country Club and on Zoom also.  


"I love all 500-plus members that we have," said Scott.  "But it's really nice to highlight those who have gone above and beyond for our organization with our Champion Awards."

Scott was thrilled to share another exciting announcement made by the Chamber this week.

"Pizza Palooza is going to happen this year, it will take place on July 30 and 31," Scott said.  "I’m excited to lead that through our partnership with Sylvania Recreation.  Being the tenth anniversary, we’re ready to roll with it.  We’re pushing forward and excited, ready to move forward safely."


Sylvania families will be happy to know that Pizza Palooza isn't the only event the Chamber has been working on, in order to bring fun-filled activities back to Sylvania after a year of COVID cancellations.  Most notably, the Fall Festival is already in-the-works and on the calendar for 2021.

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