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Sylvania Township News, December 18, 2020
by Mike Jones
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Christmas Tree Drop-off Site  December 18 2020
Sylvania Township will offer a FREE Christmas Tree Drop-Off site for Township residents located at the Administration Building, 4927 Holland-Sylvania Road.  


The drop-off site is located at the southwest corner of the parking lot.  Place your tree inside the orange fence area.  Remove plastic bags, all decorations, tinsel, and lights. The drop-off site starts December 24, 2020, through February 1, 2021.  


Sylvania Township does not provide a Christmas Tree Curb-Side pickup.

New Pumper and Ambulance  December 16 2020

The Sylvania Township Fire Department will place orders for a new fire pumper and an ambulance, based on recent approval by the township trustees.

Deputy Fire Chief Chris Nye said the Sylvania Township Fire Department had hoped to have the new pumper on duty later this year, but officials were told that what was usually a 10-11 month wait from the order until delivery is now a wait of up to 15 months.

Chief Nye said he then checked with the ambulance company and found that delivery of those vehicles, which had been less than 200 days, is now a wait, “of at least 300 days.”

He said the manufacture of the equipment has been slowed due to the pandemic and that now has upset the department’s equipment replacement schedule.

Nevertheless, the needed equipment will be ordered and will be put in service as soon as they are available.

The pumper will be purchased from Sutphen, of Dublin, O,, for $624,474 and the ambulance will be purchased from Horton Emergency Vehicles, of Grove City, O., for $346,997.

2020 Shopping With a Hero  December 16 2020

Most everyone has an image of Santa Claus.  A hefty guy with full white hair and beard. A guy in a red suit with white fur trim.

Recently, that image was changed for about 75 youngsters in the Sylvania School District.

In a program coordinated by Sylvania Area Family Services, Sylvania Township firefighters and police officers visited the homes of those youngsters with a Christmas stocking with candy and treats including gift cards to Walmart or Meijer stores.

Lt. Sarah Toth, of the Sylvania Township Police Department, said officers were sorry when it was determined that the pandemic would cause a cancelation of this year’s Shopping With a Hero excursion where youngsters go shopping at those stores with police and firefighters.

 “We worked together to figure out that if we couldn’t do that with them, we’d go to them,” Mary Helen Darah, a volunteer with SAFS, said.

Dottie Segur, executive director of the agency, said, “We were so worried that we couldn’t all get together for shopping this year, but it worked out.

“The kids were just delighted when the police and firefighters arrived at each home,” she said.

Although traveling to the youngster’s homes was a positive experience for everyone, both Ms. Segur and Lt. Toth said they look forward to next year when they hopefully will be able to congregate at the stores.

Police officers from the City of Sylvania also delivered the Christmas stockings.

3rd Leaf Collection  December 16 2020

The beginning of the third cycle of leaf collection along the streets of Sylvania Township is due to begin Dec. 21, according to Rob Nash, superintendent of the township’s road and service department.

The third cycle through the township roadways was originally set to begin Nov. 30.

Mr. Nash said trees shed their leaves earlier than usual this year, which slowed progress at the outset of the collection cycle, but now has the benefit of there being fewer leaves left to pick up.  He also noted that it was difficult this year to find people willing to take the seasonal job to provide additional help.

He said contractors have been used for some of the work and township employees have been working six days a week in an effort to keep up with the annual task.

He added that the department intends to finish three sweeps through the township, but added that the effort is always subject to weather conditions.

He pointed out that as he was discussing the issue, he had pulled some trucks from leaf collection and put them to work spreading salt as snow began to fall.

“We’ll just keep working at getting a third cycle of leaf collection as long as we can,” he said.

Appointments Made  December 16 2020

Sylvania Township trustees have made appointments to boards and commissions in which vacancies were scheduled to occur at the first of the year due to term limits.

They reappointed Don Miller to a five-year term as a member of the Sylvania Township Board of Zoning Appeals. He is currently chairman of that board. They also reappointed Jerry Malek to a one-year term on the BZA as an alternate member.

Trustees reappointed Robert Sabo to a five-year term as a member of the Sylvania Township Zoning Commission.  They also reappointed Joseph Belinske to a one-year term as an alternate member of the commission.

John Munch was reappointed by the trustees to a three-year term as a member of the Sylvania Area Joint Recreation District. They reappointed Austin Serna to a one-year term to the Sylvania Community Arts Commission.

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