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Downtown Redevelopment Update
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Property sales and redevelopment plans signal big changes coming to downtown Sylvania.

The City of Sylvania recently announced that it is selling property that has been part of the Sylvania Historical Village for decades, Mitchell’s Clock Shop has been sold for redevelopment, and other changes on the block are taking place as part of the City’s embrace of the new Master Plan that was introduced over the summer. 

On December 8 the City of Sylvania posted on their official Facebook page a “Request For Proposals” on a city-owned property located at 5727 N. Main Street, Sylvania, with a link to a newly released statement.  The statement in part, reads;

“The City of Sylvania is currently requesting proposals for the sale of 5727 N.
Main St., a property that is located between the public parking to the north and the Sylvania Historic Museum to the south. The Sylvania Historical Village is located behind the property.”

The City also lists other changes taking place downtown.

“Inside the Five, a brew pub, is now open in the Maplewood Marketplace and
they have plans to expand in 2021 as the owners have purchased the two
duplexes next door at 5705/5707 and 5711/5713 Main Street.

The former Mitchell’s Clock Shop building at 5761 Main Street recently sold
and will be redeveloped. 

The SOMO Flats apartments at 6455 Monroe Street will be fully open in
2021 with 206 units. The former Joe’s Tire Shop at 6505 Monroe Street was
demolished in 2020 and the site was ‘cleaned’ of abandoned gas tanks with
the help of a grant from the State of Ohio.”

The City statement directs residents to the new Master Plan as an additional resource for further information.   The Master Plan, however, is yet to be finalized or voted on and approved by City Council.

The final draft of the Master Plan will be submitted to Sylvania City Council in January 2021, according to Michelle Johnson, Director of Community Planning and Design at Environmental Design Group.

An update on the new Master Plan, moving toward its finalization, is item #18 on the agenda for the December 21 Sylvania City Council meeting.  The public can participate in the City Council meeting through Zoom.  Those who do not have the appropriate technology available to them are advised to contact City of Sylvania clerk Sharon Bucher at or or 419-885-TREE (8733) Option 6.

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