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Nominees announced for Sylvania "Educator of the Year" 2021

For decades, Sylvania Schools has recognized outstanding educators through the Educator of the Year program.  Nominations for the 2021 Educator of the Year were accepted through early May.  The list of nominees was announced on May 26.  The awards will be presented in August at the beginning of the school year. 

Summer Fun 2021

Last year, the Sylvania Schools Educator of the Year 2020 award recipients were:

Gail Brenner- Educator of the Year

Mandy Ballantyne- Teacher of the Year

Ani Geha- Teacher of the Year

Wes Rethman- Teacher of the Year

Pat Bodeman- Support Staff of the Year

Sharon Lewis- Support Staff of the Year

Kristi Posadny- Volunteer of the Year-

Chad Kolebuck- Administrator of the Year

Nominees for 2021 Educator of the Year

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