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Mayor's Message
Craig A. Stough
2/11/2021; "2021 Capital Improvements"  

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During this long stretch of cold weather, construction season seems a long way off. But, the days are  getting longer and the temperatures will soon be getting warmer. That means the 2021 construction  season will be getting underway, and the City of Sylvania has several capital improvement projects  planned.  

Mayor Craig Stough

City of Sylvania Mayor,
Craig A. Stough

Some are being financed in part by State of Ohio grant funds and in cooperation with Lucas County. Over the last four years, approximately $28.6 million in grant funds have been awarded to the City of  Sylvania to help finance various recent and future infrastructure projects. 


All projects will be publicly bid or utilize State of Ohio prebid term prices to take advantage of the competitive prices available. No tax increases or property owner assessments will be made. All of these projects will improve Sylvania and help keep our community one of the best places to live and work in northwest Ohio.  

The City will continue its annual residential street resurfacing with repaving of Cushman Road, as part  of the waterline replacement project, budgeted at over $1.2 million. The annual resurfacing program  helps keep our neighborhoods attractive and desirable, and property values higher.  

The Monroe Street bridge over the Ten Mile Creek North Branch will be resurfaced at a cost of $206,000, and will cause a two-week closure of Monroe Street in early June. Monroe Street will also be open cut at the same time for the installation of a new water main to serve the SOMO Flats Apartments, which are opening this year.  

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Maplewood Avenue will be designed and bid for replacement between Main Street and the railroad  tracks at a cost of $551,000, in part financed by a $300,000 OPWC Grant.  

The largest project this year will go largely unseen. Continuing our program of sanitary sewer main  relining, large diameter mains will be lined at a cost of $1.7 million, paid in part by an $800,000  OPWC Grant.  

Other capital expenditures include parking lot maintenance, sidewalk improvements, traffic signal  upgrades, two police vehicles, AED replacement and an electrical vehicle charging station, together  totaling about $224,000.  

We will work with the contractors to complete these improvements quickly and efficiently and reduce  inconvenience to our residents. We appreciate your patience as the projects proceed this coming  construction season.  

Engineering is also underway for improvement projects in the coming years; all paid for in part with  state and county grants:  


  • 2022 Harroun and Monroe Intersection Improvements - $2.2 million  

  • 2023 Silica and Monroe Intersection Improvements - $2.4 million  

  • 2023 Silica Road Bridge Replacement - $1.2 million  

  • 2025 US 23/Monroe Street Interchange Improvements - $28 million  


These projects will all strengthen and improve traffic circulation in Sylvania for years to come. 

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