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Sylvania Township Firefighters serve up lunch for "decon" team
Yark Service Center has been decontaminating vehicles during pandemic

About twenty firefighters unexpectedly showed up for lunch at a local car dealership on Friday.  

“This is how you pay it forward,” said Sylvania firefighter Ryan Sedlock, wearing a big smile underneath his face mask as he, Chief Michael Ramm, and about 20 other Sylvania Township firefighters began serving lunch to the “decon” team at the Yark Service Center on Central Avenue in Sylvania Township.

“It’s the least we can do, after all they’ve done for us,” added Sedlock, who is also President of Sylvania’s International Union of Firefighters Local 2243.  The May 22 lunch was paid for by the firefighter union’s business fund.

In recent weeks the Yark team has decontaminated over one hundred vehicles for first responders free of charge, including fire engines, police cars, and personal vehicles of first responders and frontline healthcare workers. 


Sedlock explained that the “Pay it Forward” message is one that all the Sylvania firefighters are hoping to share far and wide, in order to strengthen and support Sylvania’s business community which has been so hard-hit by the shutdown. 

Yark service technician Brian Hayden joined the firefighters for a brief chat and a photo before lunch was served.  Hayden was responsible for the decontamination work done for Sylvania’s first responders.

“You can never do enough for our first responders, they’re always the ones doing something for you. They’re always busy keeping us safe.  This was our little way of giving back to them,” explained Hayden.

“It’s the least we can do, it’s our pleasure. They are out there every day for us,” said Yark Human Resource Director Barb Bueschen while personally thanking firefighters for their efforts, and also imploring them to stay safe.  She was unaware that the firefighters had just expressed nearly the same exact sentiments about the Yark team and what Yark had done for first responders.

Jorge Diaz, owner of 419 Tacos on Holland-Sylvania Road, was glad to be part of the event. 

 “One of the things I’ve loved is how this community’s businesses have come together.  When your good will goes out there, others are inspired and then they do good things also,” said Diaz, echoing Sedlock’s “Pay it Forward” theme. 

Sedlock said he chose 419 Tacos for the lunch because it was a great local business, and the "Support Local" effort is important to Sylvania's firefighters.  

“We’re sworn to support our community,” Sedlock said.  “And supporting our community means more than just responding to emergencies.  A lot more.”

On May 22 2020, the Sylvania Township Fire Department showed up unexpectedly at the Service Center of Yark Automotive Group on Central Avenue.

(Left to Right) Ryan Sedlock, Brian Hayden, and Chief Michael Ramm took a moment to exchange "Thanks" before lunch was served.

Yark Service Center employees lined up to enjoy a delicious lunch of Mexican street food from 419 Tacos.

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