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One hundred years of Edinger-Postlewait-Fanning-Kremchek Potato Salad
 with the Sylvania spotlight on 1956

The following is an excerpt from
After All These Years, Ohio's Still Cooking
Celebrating 200 Years of Ohio's Friendly, Fun, and Flavorful History

-Sylvania 2020 Edition-

1956 Burnham High School 
Homecoming Queen,
Sherry Postlewait-Fanning

In 1915, Erma Edinger came to Sylvania as a young girl with her family. Her father had gotten a job with the Medusa Cement Company, and the family moved into a beautiful stone home.  A neighborhood of unique stone houses had been built by the company, a proud display of the company’s handiwork, and company executives and their families lived there.


That home is still here today, one in a row of similar stone houses out on Centennial Road. 

Erma Edinger’s family chose to remain in Sylvania over the years, and became known for their spirit of hard work and dedication to the community.  Their cheerful devotion created a legacy of volunteerism that lives on today in Sylvania Schools with Edinger's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Edinger’s daughter, Sherry Fanning, was crowned homecoming queen at Sylvania’s Burnham High School in 1956 (click for 1956 Sylvania Spotlight).  Twelve years later, Fanning was married, a mother of two, and a busy Sylvania parent volunteering in the schools.  That year she helped to create the 1967 Hillview Kitchen Kapers cookbook. Throughout her parenting years she was constantly involved with volunteer work in the schools while her two children, Marc Fanning and Carrie Fanning were at Hillview, McCord, and Northview. The talented mom contributed to several area cookbooks to help raise funds for various organizations.

Burnham Homecoming 1956

“That’s my mom. She was big into Mother’s Club,” says Carrie Fanning, now Carrie Kremchek. “It was a lot of work, they put them together by hand.”


Kremchek herself has children in Sylvania Schools now, and, not so different from her mother, she is hard at work volunteering with Sylvania school activities.


“I still use the old recipe books all the time,” adds Kremchek, who was only five when her mom contributed recipes to the Hillview cookbook.


Kremchek’s mom and grandma often used a family potato salad recipe which they shared in the Hillview cookbook, and Kremchek uses it herself now.  It is a delicious staple at their gatherings that everyone looks forward too.


“I fix it often,” Kremchek says. “Whenever we get the family together. Everyone loves it when I make potato salad.”

“They were all my parents’ good friends,” Kremchek remembers, as she skims over the names in the old ‘67 cookbook. “We all lived near Flanders Road. They all had kids together, and we became friends and grew up together. The families went on ski trips to Michigan, and to Florida, and canoeing.”


Kremchek still sees those neighbors today, and their children are friends with her own.


“My parents gave us a good life,” Kremchek fondly recalls. “We didn’t fly, we drove everywhere. Did we have a lot of money?  No.  But boy, did we have fun.”

scroll down or click here for the original Family Potato Salad Recipe

Adam Fineske

In 2010, the principal of Hillview Elementary, Adam Fineske, was surprised to see a copy of the 1967 Hillview Mother’s Club cookbook, “Kitchen Kapers.”  Fineske enjoyed taking a moment to peruse the pages of Hillview history.

sylvania savings bank 1956

The Sylvania Savings Bank

preparing for Christmas in Sylvania, 1956

Sylvania Spotlight Year:  1956

Sherry Postlewait-Fanning was crowned Homecoming Queen at the Burnham vs. Anthony Wayne Homecoming football game in 1956.   Also occurring that year in Sylvania, in Ohio, and around the world:

Sylvania Township hires Elmer Cline to be the first full-time paid fire chief in Sylvania and in all of Lucas County.  Salary is $400 per month.
Lindau’s drug store on Main Street has the large-sized Vaseline hair tonic for 49 cents. Breck shampoo is a dollar.

The First Methodist Church holds an open house for it's new parsonage on Winding Way. 

Hixon Peterson Lumber Company on Maplewood Avenue only uses “the pick of the trees” to make and sell poultry houses, for flocks of healthy chickens.


A one-year subscription to the Sylvania Sentinel is $3.00, and comes with a complimentary cookbook.


The Sylvania Masonic Lodge celebrates the 100th anniversary of the granting of its charter.


Police Chief Alfred Carl resigns from his post.  Seargent Arthur Cole and the entire Police staff present "The Boss" with a gift of a Smith & Wesson 38 caliber target revolver.


A group of 31 parents from Central Elementary presents the transportation department with a plan to reduce the bus wait time from an hour and a half down to 35 minutes.  The plan is to change school dismissal from 3:10 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.
Elvis Presley releases his first hit " Heartbreak Hotel,” and his first movie, "Love Me Tender".
As the World Turns, The Ed Sullivan Show, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents are on T.V., The Ten Commandments and Around the World in 80 Days are in theatres, Diamonds Are Forever, Peyton Place, and Profiles in Courage are in bookstores.
Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected president, defeating democrat Adlai Stevenson.
The New York Yankees win the World Series.
Sylvia Plath marries Ted Hughes. Grace Kelly marries Prince Ranier of Monaco.
Toledo’s Gloria Steinem graduates from Smith College.
Pakistan becomes an Islamic Republic.
U.S. unemployment is 4.4 percent, a stamp costs 3 cents, and a gallon of gas is 22 cents.
Life expectancy in the U.S. is 69.7 years.
Mel Gibson, Carrie Fisher, Johnny Rotten, Kenny G., Andy Garcia, Sugar Ray Leonard, Larry Bird, Mickey Rourke, Bob Saget, Bo Derek, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are born.
H.L. Mencken, A.A. Milne, Jackson Pollack, Art Tatum, Babe Didrikson, and Tommy Dorsey die

brownies 1956

The Hillview Mother's Club in 1956, collecting mittons for needy children with the Girl Scouts.

Family Potato Salad

By Carrie Kremchek (Fanning-Postlewaite-Edinger)


5 lbs potatoes

4 hard boiled eggs, chopped

1 1/2 cups celery, chopped

1/2 cup carrots, chopped

1/2 cup green peppers, chopped

1/4 cup radishes, chopped

1/2 cup onion, chopped


2 cups mayonnaise

1/4 cup sugar

1/8 cup vinegar

1/2 tsp mustard

Salt and pepper

Cook potatoes, let them cool, and peel. Cut into bite-sized pieces and put into large bowl with the chopped vegetables and eggs. In a separate bowl mix together mayonnaise, vinegar, sugar and mustard; add to the large bowl with the rest of ingredients and mix. Salt and pepper to taste. Hint: Best if sits for a couple of hours in refrigerator.