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Funeral Procession for Officer Brandon Stalker
January 26, 2021
Sylvania police are asking residents to avoid driving in area

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Toledo Police Officer Brandon Stalker, who was tragically killed on Monday January 18, 2021, will be laid to rest on Tuesday January 26 at Toledo Memorial Park in Sylvania.  Toledo Memorial Park is located at 6382 Monroe St, Sylvania, OH 43560.  Services in the cemetery will be closed to the public.

The funeral to honor Officer Stalker will be on Tuesday, January 26 at 10:00 a.m. at Savage Arena. The funeral will be open to Officer Stalker's family, friends, and law enforcement only.

After leaving Toledo,  the funeral procession will travel through Sylvania westbound on Monroe St. through the city until it reaches Toledo Memorial Park’s east entrance (at the Kroger traffic light).


Both Sylvania City and Sylvania Township police departments will be closing Monroe between Whiteford and the cemetery entrance sometime between 12:15 and 12:45 depending on the pace of the procession. 


The Sylvania police division is  asking that people who need to travel through the area avoid Monroe Street during those times.


They are also asking the public to line the streets to show their support. 

Sylvania Police Chief Rick Schnoor advises residents to follow the Sylvania Police Division's Facebook page for additional posts and updated information over the coming days:

Tuesdays' event details will closely follow last summer's similar event for another police officer tragically lost.  Toledo Police Officer Anthony Dia was killed on July 4, 2020.  His final resting place is also at Toledo Memorial Park.  Officer Dia and Officer Brandon Stalker were in the same graduating class. 

The Toledo Police Department has opened an account in Officer Stalker's name for donations. 100% of the donations will go to his family.
The address to the Credit Union is:
ATTN: Officer Brandon Stalker Memorial Account
4280 Heatherdowns Blvd.,
Toledo, Ohio 43614

The Toledo Police have also issued a warning against a current scam in which residents are being called by unknown individuals,  and being asked to provide their personal financial information in order to donate to Officer Stalker.  

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Officer Brandon Stalker, 1996 - 2021

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