lucas county health dept
Health Department Issues Halloween Recommendation
see flyer issued September 24

October 1, 2020

Health officials remind residents that many commonly celebrated  holiday activities may carry high risk for spreading COVID-19. 

Focusing on  decorations, limiting activities to the people you live with, and virtual  costume parties or contests will help keep our communities safe this season,  especially our children. Together, we all need to do as much as we can to  protect ourselves and those around us. 

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The Health Department is strongly recommending all communities hold  trick-or-treating activities on October 31st from 6pm to 8 pm. This is to lessen  the chances of potential exposure, while trying to keep everyone in Lucas  County as safe as possible. 

“Halloween festivities, in addition to other holidays, will be different this year  due to COVID-19,” said Dr. Eric Zgodzinski, Health Commissioner. “However,  we feel it’s important to have our community celebrate safely. The guidance  TLCHD issued provides tips for trick-or-treaters, persons handing out treats,  and those planning events.

∙ Perform health screen prior to leaving home - do not participate  if feeling sick 
∙ If living with people who may be at greater risk from COVID-19,  please reconsider participating 
∙ If child is at greater risk of complications from COVID-19, contact  your doctor before participating 

∙ Masks should be worn at all times 
∙ Stay with family unit and in your own neighborhood if possible ∙ Stay six feet away from other families 
∙ Limit one family at a time when approaching participating houses ∙ Use hand sanitizer frequently during collection 

∙ Collection bag should have a wide mouth to allow for dropping treats  inside 
∙ Do not eat any candy while participating 
∙ If possible, wipe off candy wrappers with sanitizing wipes (allow to  dry) when arriving home and prior to eating candy 
∙ Wash hands before eating any candy 

always in a frame
a visit to the gust pumpkin farm

Passing out Treats 

∙ Do not pass out candy if feeling sick 

∙ Wash hands prior to passing out treats 

∙ Masks should be worn at all times 

∙ If possible, place table or other physical object between you and trick or-treaters 

∙ Limit interaction with those outside of your household ∙ Prepare goodie bags ahead of time (grab & go) and place at end of  driveway or edge of yard 

∙ Use only prepackaged, factory wrapped items, no homemade wrapped treats

Trunk-or Treat Events 

∙ Consider setting up pre-registration and limit the number of  participants per time frame 

∙ Masks should be worn at all times 

∙ Advertise expectations of the community prior to the event (i.e. social  distancing, wearing masks, etc.) 

∙ Assure distance between vehicles ("Trunks") 

∙ If able, use physical markings between vehicles and consider one-way  traffic 

∙ Wash hands prior to passing out treats 

∙ If possible, only attend event(s) in own neighborhood

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Everyone is navigating the COVID-19 pandemic to the best of their abilities  and has different comfort levels about what is safe to do. Some of your  neighbors may be more restrictive than these guidelines and we ask that you  respect your neighbor’s wishes and concerns.  

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