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Trio of good-health gurus partner for Healthy Holiday Fundraiser
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A Raffle fundraiser for Sylvania Area Family Services (SAFS) runs December 4 2020 through December 15, 2020.

"We knew we had to do something different for a fundraiser this year, the regular fundraisers we've always done wouldn't work in 2020," said Marcus Zapata, owner of Definition Fitness in Sylvania.   Zapata is one of three like-minded business owners who came together this season to help out fellow Sylvanians.

Lets Go Uptown

"This year is different, people need help this year more than ever," said Ali Ismail, co-owner of Zane's Lebanese Grill in Sylvan Square.   "We needed to make sure we could get the help to people.  So by having three different businesses, a trio, come together, there's strength in numbers and you can do more."

Zapata, Ismail, and Paul Callahan, over of Bullfrog Nutrition in Saxon Square, joined forces this fall to work out a different, better community fundraiser that could help more people.  The result was a healthy raffle fundraiser, with tickets being sold at all three businesses.  All proceeds go to SAFS, and the winning prize is a collection of healthy, good-for-you gifts that were all donated by the three men.

"We had to adapt a lot throughout this year," explained Callahan.  His business started shipping out to all over the country, he began online online classes, delivery, and other new features.  He added that the flexibility and creativity that has been in high gear all throughout the COVID crisis actually helped when it came time to develop a new fundraiser.

"One person can do it easily," Ismail said of the work the new partnership was tackling.   "But if you combine more than one person, multiple people working on an issue, the possibilities are limitless."

Tickets are available for purchase now through December 15, see details, links, and contact information below.

This is another great opportunity to join in the good work that SAFS is doing in December.
Purchase raffle tickets to help SAFS serve your neighbors in need this holiday season--all proceeds go to assistance for local families, and every ticket you purchase is a chance to win big!


Cost: $10 each, purchase as many as you want


Good health is the best wealth you can have!


  • Two $50 Zane’s Lebanese Grill gift certificates and a Zane’s T-Shirt
    (Sylvania location, curbside & delivery, healthy authentic Lebanese food that feeds the soul)

  • One six-month membership to Definition Fitness
    (24/7 all-access to weights, machines, cardio and more at Sylvania location)

  • Huge Supplement Stack for optimum workouts & results
    (including protein powder, essential amino acids, shaker cup, cover, koozie cover, and more)


BullFrog Nutrition
6600 W Sylvania Ave #3b (Saxon Square)
Sylvania, OH 43560
(419) 480-9474

Definition Fitness
7602 Sylvania Avenue
Sylvania, Ohio 43560
(419) 720-5838

Zane’s Lebanese Grill
4900 N McCord Rd
Sylvania, OH 43560
(419) 882-1796

Thank you for supporting your community this holiday season!

healthy fundraiser
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