City of Sylvania
Mayor's Message
by Craig A. Stough
1/14/2021; "Sylvania City Operations Continue During COVID-19 "  

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All City of Sylvania services continue to be provided to our residents, even as the COVID-19  pandemic continues to take its toll in our community. Police protection, fire/EMS, rubbish  collection/curbside recycling, water, sewer, street maintenance/snow removal, and all other services  have not been curtailed.  

Mayor Craig Stough

City of Sylvania Mayor,
Craig A. Stough

Sylvania City Hall and other City facilities are currently closed to the public due to the pandemic, but  accessible by appointment. The Sylvania Municipal Court is in operation, having reopened in mid December following COVID-19 infection of some court personnel. Similar to City Hall, the Court is  implementing digital and telephone services when practical.  

Public meetings of Sylvania City Council and the Municipal Planning Commission are now being held  virtually via Zoom as permitted by Ohio Law and strongly encouraged by the Lucas County Health  Commissioner. This does not mean public access to and participation at the meetings is curtailed.  Public comment has always been encouraged as part of our local government proceedings, and  continues during the pandemic. 

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Sylvania City Council meetings are being live streamed on the City of Sylvania YouTube Channel,  making it more convenient than ever to view the proceedings. Public comment and participation can  be submitted or requested during the meeting or in advance with the Clerk of Council. If residents are  not technically equipped to view or participate electronically, a limited safe number of residents can  view the electronic meeting live on a display in City Council Chambers.  

Other local governments are also meeting digitally via Zoom or other similar digital meeting programs.  Both the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce and Sylvania Rotary meetings are available via Zoom.  The Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (TMACOG) has been meeting via  "GoToMeeting" since early last year.  

I continue to meet weekly on Tuesday afternoons via Zoom with area mayors and representatives of  Lucas County and the Health Department to receive pandemic updates and discuss the mutual  challenges of our communities. Some of our neighboring communities have suffered more employee  illnesses than Sylvania, but we now have had positive cases and unfortunately an employee was  hospitalized with COVID.  

The latest issue for reporting and discussion at these area mayors meetings is vaccine distribution and  facilitating the inoculation of our residents. It is no accident that our meetings follow Governor  DeWine’s televised press conferences on Tuesday afternoons. Governor DeWine is setting the criteria  for Ohio vaccine distribution, and we listen to the Health Commissioner responses and planning to  meet those requirements. The input of the local mayors has proven valuable to review and improve  that planning and convey it to our residents. 

Hopefully, we will all have access to the vaccine yet this winter and early spring. I, like you, look  forward to life returning to normal. I look forward to seeing my family members again, and to seeing  all of you as we work to improve and enjoy life in Sylvania. 

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