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Mayor's Message by Craig A. Stough
July 29, 2021
"Ten Mile Creek Improvements Built with Grant Funds" 
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The City of Sylvania has completed a project in Harroun Park to restore and protect Ten Mile  Creek. Harroun Park is a wonderful natural area south of the downtown right in the center of  Sylvania and contributes greatly to our quality of life. The project was 90% funded by a grant  from the USEPA's Ohio Domestic Action Plan. Total project cost was $240,200 with the City's  portion $24,000.  

Mayor Craig Stough

City of Sylvania Mayor,
Craig A. Stough

Improvements to Ten Mile Creek were designed to protect the creek banks and improve the  storm water flow. Ten Mile Creek is a major storm water drainage path, and is vital to City and  Township areas to carry storm water out of town via the Ottawa River, which begins just east of  the construction site at the confluence with the North Branch.  

Many of you have probably seen the increased storm water and flooding adjacent Ten Mile  Creek after large rainfalls. Most of Harroun Park is natural floodplain, storing the storm water  until it is able to make its way downstream.  

Improvements were made to hundreds of feet of Ten Mile Creek in Harroun Park. The now  completed improvements direct water flow to the center of the stream, improve the flow and  reduce bank erosion. Further, native plants were installed to stabilize the banks.  

The project also included the conversion of the 0.4 acre depression enclosed in the of the parking  lot behind Root, Inc. into a bioretention cell to intercept storm water previously draining directly  to Ten Mile Creek.  

Over the past several years, Harroun Park has been restored to a more natural setting with dead  ash trees and invasive species removed, native plants added and a beautiful growth of wild  flowers blooming much of the spring and summer.  

The City of Sylvania has been very successful competing for State of Ohio grant funding for all  sorts of environmental, road and utility improvement projects around town. Tens of millions of  dollars of grants have already been used in the last 20 years to leverage our local tax dollars.  Grant funds are being used this year to improve our sanitary sewer system.  

Almost $40 Million of grants have recently been awarded to Sylvania and will be spent in the  next few years. These grants will be used to rebuild the Silica Road Bridge near Northview High  School, improve the intersections at Monroe/Silica and Monroe/Harroun, and the reconstruction  of the US 23/Monroe Street interchange.  

Other grants also online for the next few years include the installation of a pedestrian crossing  light on Harroun Road at the Sylvania River Trail, and the installation of electric vehicle  recharging stations at the Municipal parking lot downtown. The Ohio EPA is also looking at a  Phase II grant for more improvements along Ten Mile Creek. 

mayors message

Ten Mile Creek improvements to banks and storm water flow.

mayors message

Harroun Park wildflowers in bloom.