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Mayor's Message by Craig A. Stough
July 15, 2021
"New City Logo and Flags"  
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Last year, City Council approved a new logo for the City of Sylvania. That logo is now being  displayed on city buildings, city vehicles and city documents. The logo has also been  incorporated into a new city flag flying at city facilities around the community.  

Mayor Craig Stough

City of Sylvania Mayor,
Craig A. Stough

The new logo is a burr oak leaf representing the many oak trees of our oak savannah natural  habitat. Our community heritage tree in the front yard of City Hall is a burr oak estimated to be  370 years old. After working with the Fuller Art House for nearly a year, City Council voted to  replace the decades old three maple leaf logo with this new logo for our City of Trees.  

The old three maple leaf logo served the city well for almost forty years. The maple leaves  represented the many native maple trees of our wooded area. Although a favorite in many  minds, City Council felt it was time for an update.  

Over the last year, signage has been updated at City facilities, including City Hall, City Council  Chambers, the Forestry Building and the Service Building. As service and police city vehicles  are replaced, the new logo is being displayed on them.  

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The new logo is also being incorporated into the current updating and restoration of the City of  Sylvania Wayfinding signs located around the community. Those signs were a great addition to  our community about fifteen years ago, but were ready for being restored to a newer appearance.  

The new city logo, signs and flags are part of our overall effort to keep Sylvania fresh and  desirable as one of the best places to live and raise a family in northwest Ohio.

We have a great  quality of life with excellent schools, recreation opportunities and venues, parks, city services,  medical facilities, and award-winning senior center and more. Together with the ongoing  improvements in our downtown, Sylvania is making great strides forward retaining its position  as the community where people want and choose to live.  

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