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Sylvania Township News, June 10, 2021
by Mike Jones
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Hiring New Officers  June 9, 2021

Sylvania Township trustees have approved the hiring of three new officers for the township’s police department.

Police Chief Paul Long said those hired will be replacing two officers who retired from the force earlier this year and one who is retiring later this summer.

The township police department normally has a compliment of 44 sworn police officers, “and that’s where we’ll be when the process is completed,” the chief said. 

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2021 Fireworks  June 9, 2021

Most area residents were pleased to hear that the area will again witness a fireworks display over Centennial Terrace during the Fourth of July weekend after the cancellation of last year’s festivities due to COVID-19 concerns.

Although pleased, the event means extra work for the men and women of the Sylvania Township police and fire departments.

“We’ll be with them as soon as they get here and pretty much stay with them until after the fireworks are over,” Fire Chief Mike Ramm said, referring to the company which puts on the display.

“We’ll be back at the site the next morning too, just to be sure no unexploded shells are around.”

He said the company which will be setting off the display usually arrives 24 to 36 hours before the July 3 display.

On the day of the display, the department has equipment and personnel both at Centennial and at Pacesetter Park in case there is an issue requiring a response from the department, He added that Richfield Township usually sends a crew which stands by at Central Trail Elementary School near Mitchaw and Brint roads. 

Sylvana Township firefighters at the fireworks show are generally stationed to the north where the crowds are heavier and the chief said they could have difficulty getting very far to the south due to the crowds and vehicles in the area.

Police Chief Paul Long said “Everybody knows you have to work the Third, referring to police manpower for the event. Most officers will be assigned to traffic duty in directing vehicles into and away from the area after the display,” the chief said.

Final details of permitted traffic flow are currently under discussion and Chief Long said that when they are completed a map will be posted on the township’s website, “and our website and Facebook and everywhere,” he said.

“We want everyone to know in advance where there is no parking and what streets will become one-way for the event.”

He added that he and his officers know there can be frustration for drivers leaving the area, but if everyone cooperates with the plan and follows the directions of officers, “it’s just going to be a lot better for everyone.” 


Variances for animal facilities    June 9, 2021

The Sylvania Township Board of Zoning Appeals has granted a number of variances that will allow for the development of an animal daycare and an animal boarding facility.

The property is made up of four parcels which run from the 3300 block of North Holland-Sylvania Road to the 3300 block of Cason Avenue, one block west of Holland-Sylvania.

The facility intends to use a 6,000 sq. ft. building at the site and also construct a 5,000 sq. ft. outdoor enclosure for animals primarily on the Cason Avenue portion.

It is the Cason end of the property where the applicant needed variances in distance from the property lot line.

The staff of the Sylvania Township zoning and planning office recommended approval of the variance requests, stating that they did not alter the intent of the Sylvania Township Zoning Resolution nor should they have a negative effect on neighboring properties.

The BZA placed two conditions on their approval.

New fencing for the animal enclosure must be 8 ft. in height and be opaque and that the chain link fence on the south side have screening with “slats/weave.”

Repaving Work  June 9, 2021

A tentative starting date of July 6 has been set for the repaving work to be performed on Corey Road and Springbrook Drive.

The work will involve repaving Corey between Central Avenue and the south end of the Corey Road bridge over I-475. Springbrook will be repaved from the township-Toledo limits between Chesterton and Willow Lane to the entry to the housing development west of Corey. 

Rob Nash, superintendent of the township road and service department, said traffic will be maintained on the busy roadway as much as possible. but motorists should consider using Talmadge Road or Holland-Sylvania while the project is underway.

The contract for the project was awarded to The Shelly Co., of Thornville, OH, which submitted the lowest bid for the work at $558,922.60.

Timelines for repaving projects are difficult to determine because much of the work is weather-dependent.  Nevertheless, Mr. Nash said he anticipates the project being completed in about three weeks.

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