Local Bakery Gives Away Gourmet Macarons on March 20, 2021
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In a tradition of French patisseries and celebrating the onset of Spring, So Sweet Pastries is celebrating Worldwide Macaron Day with free macarons while supporting a great cause, No Women Left  Behind Scholarship, initiatives fund under Women of Toledo on March 20, 2021 starting at 10am while supplies last.


Customers are encouraged to come and sample these delicious macarons, a delicate French sandwich cookie made from almond flour and joined together with a ganache, buttercream, or jam frosting  filling.  Following in the footsteps of Paris, New York, Chicago – and our fourth year in Toledo history – Toledo  and Ohio will celebrate the macaron!   So Sweet Pastries is located at 4038 Talmadge Rd, Toledo, OH 43623


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The first pubic forum for a new Multigenerational Community Center will be March 18, 2021. 

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Macaron Day began in Paris at the premiere pastry shop of Pierre Herme (la maison Pierre Herme Paris) in  2005 and several years later found a calling at Francois Payard’s shops in New York. A tradition of gourmet  pastries merged with community giving. Participants traditionally sampled macarons for free and then left a  donation for a community organization. 

Macarons will be given for free this year – with donations requested to support ‘No Women Left Behind’  (NWLB) Fund of Women of Toledo. This initiative fund offers any women, young women & Disconnected Youth  with financial hardship to receive direct aid, or attend any Professional Educational Development series,  Mentoring and Coaching services for free within the organization. 

With 300 macarons ready and waiting – Macaron Day begins at 10:00 a.m.! We welcome all to join us while  quantities last! Highlighting “One Macaron=One Donation” – each patron will receive a free macaron with  donations being accepted to support Women of Toledo.  

ABOUT SO SWEET  So Sweet Lebanese and French Pastries is an authentic pastry shop located in Toledo, Ohio. Opening its doors in February of 2014, we  create our gourmet desserts with the freshest, highest quality ingredients. A combined pastry shop and café with an extensive menu,  we guarantee you will enjoy your experience as we welcome you into our doors. Joining together two of the world’s best cuisines – the Middle Eastern dessert menu with its complexities of flavor and taste and the love the French have inspired within their food – we  pride ourselves in having the best of both worlds! We also have a growing online presence and ship throughout the United States and  world. As we say, “If it’s good to eat – it must be So Sweet!” For more information, visit www.sosweetpastries.com 

Established in 2014, Inclusive for Women Inc. - Women of Toledo (WOT) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization serving the Greater Toledo  community that advocates for diversity and inclusion with a focus on economic empowerment. The organization offers programs and  services that help tackle issues critical to women’s economic advancement and interrupt various biases in the workplace, marketplace,  community, and family. We have a remarkably diverse group of women leaders committed to bringing together youth and women to  learn from and support each other. For more information on WOT and other initiatives, please visit www.womenoftoledo.org 

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