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Mama Mary's Pizza moves in to Sylvania
Holland pizza shop moves into former J-Cups location

Mama Mary's Pizza has been coming out to Sylvania's Pizza Palooza at Centennial Terrace every year.  The shop has won many awards including First Place for their specialty pizza, and being in Sylvania has always been a good experience.  

So when an unexpected opportunity arose for Mama Mary's Pizza owner Vince Hornik, he knew instantly that Sylvania was where he wanted to be.

"I've been looking all the time, at different locations, for years and years," shared Hornik, whose Holland pizza shop location has been open for nine years.  "This is the perfect place.  I literally can't believe it, after all the places I looked at, I took one look and knew this was it. "

J-Cups Pizza in the St. James Shoppes closed abruptly in May, and when the store went on the market Hornik immediately went to check it out with the landlord, Eidi Properties.  Hornik said that everything seem to point to Sylvania for a second location of Mama Mary's Pizza, and the space at Central and McCord was just what he was looking for.   

"I run races out here and we know a lot of people here," said Hornik, who lives in the  Franklin Park Mall area so the new location will be closer to his home too.  "We meet so many people and businesses at Pizza Palooza every year.  And we have so many customers who come out to our Holland location from Sylvania, and they are always asking us to open a Sylvania location.   It just all added up."

Hornik said he hopes to have the new shop up and running by the first week of July.  He is currently hiring for his new Sylvania location, and those interested are encouraged to come out to the Holland location to apply.   The Holland location has been open for nine years now, and will remain open in addition to the Sylvania location.

"We're coming to town, we're going to have fun, and you're going to get to try our pizza for the first time, for some people," Hornik said.  "And for others, you won't have to drive so far now to get it!"

When asked what he liked most about being in the pizza business, Hornik didn't hesitate for a moment.

"Eating it!" Hornik laughed.  "My favorite is simple, it's cheese pizza with Cajun seasoning on the crust and on the cheese.  I just shake it on there and bake it.  But I like all pizzas, really."

Hornik's special secret Cajun cheese pizza isn't on the menu, but he says he does make it for customers who request it.

Mama Mary's Pizza second location will be opening at 6725 Central Avenue.  The current location in Holland is at 7130 Airport Highway, the phone number is 419-897-9991.

Mama Mary's Pizza will also be at Pizza Palooza again this year, enjoying a bit shorter of a drive to get there.

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