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Sylvania Township News, March 12, 2021
by Mike Jones
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The first pubic forum for a new Multigenerational Community Center will be March 18, 2021. 

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The Lucas County Plan Commission has unanimously recommended approval for Sylvania Township’s updated Zoning Resolution.

Daryl Graus, manager of the Sylvania Township office of planning and zoning, said a change was recommended concerning driveway widths which will be included in the document when it is reviewed by the Sylvania Township Zoning Commission at their meeting on March 10.

The resolution is a guide to both the county and the township planning/zoning commissions and the Sylvania Township Board of Zoning Appeals. It is also referred to by developers as they consider potential projects.

Mr. Graus said it has been at least 20 years since the document has been fully reviewed and updated.

He added that in that time, changes have been made to the document as zoning issues have evolved. In some cases that have made the document cumbersome and difficult to use.

In late 2019, township trustees hired Reveille, a Bowling Green firm, to work with the township to develop a clear and more user-friendly Zoning Resolution.

Glen Grisdale president of Reveille said much of the task was editing the document to reduce confusion and redundancy.  The update was made with an eye to what was then the recently-updated Sylvania Township Land Use Plan to be certain both are in agreement.

Mr. Grisdale said much of the work has involved making it more user-friendly.

In addition to conferring with planning professionals, Mr. Grisdale said he talked with developers to get their ideas on how to make the resolution easier to use.   

Some residential zoning categories have been merged in the updated resolution and a new category has been added.

The proposed resolution includes a multi-purpose category that allows for both residential and commercial uses.

The new category will allow for ground-level offices or retail establishments with residential use behind or above the commercial properties.

After the Sylvania Township Zoning Commission makes a recommendation, the resolution will go to the township trustees for a final decision. That is currently scheduled for the trustees’ meeting on April 6.

Those interested can review the document at  

Repaving Contract Approved  March 15, 2021

Sylvania Township trustees have approved a contract with The Shelly Co., for the repaving of Corey Road and Springbrook later this year.

Rob Nash, superintendent of the township road and service department, told trustees the Thornville, Oh., company submitted the lowest bid for the work at $558,922.60.

The work will involve repaving Corey between Central Avenue and the south end of the Corey Road bridge over I-475. Springbrook will be repaved from the township-Toledo limits between Chesterton and Willow Lane to the entrance to the housing development west of Corey. 

Mr. Nash said no timeline for the project has been established.

It is probable, he said, that work will begin by either late spring or early summer.

Noting the high-volume of traffic on Corey and its use by school buses, Mr. Nash added, “We require work on projects of this size to be finished by September,” Mr. Nash added.

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