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Sylvania Township News, May 12 2020
by Mike Jones
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Notice of Sylvania Township Trustees Regular Meeting  May 2020

The Sylvania Township Trustees will hold a Regular Meeting at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 19, 2020. The public may attend the meeting electronically via telephone at (877) 568-4106 using the Access Code 677-255-877 or via their computer, tablet or smartphone at

If any citizen would like to test the technology in advance of the meeting they are encouraged to contact Township Administrator Oliver Turner at

 Plow  May 13, 2020

A snowplow isn't really a snowplow until it gets an "upfit," according to Rob Nash, road and service

superintendent for Sylvania Township.

Sylvania Township trustees recently approved the purchase of a truck "upfit," from Kalida Truck Equipment, Inc.  for $89,9000.  The purchase was made through the Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing Consortium.


Mr. Nash  said plows are essentially bought in two phases, with the first phase limited to a cab, engine and wheels.

Then, "we build them as we use them," he said. adding needed components, without extra bells and whistles.

In this case the items in the "uplift" include frames, the dump body, a salt auger and spreader, plow attachments and bracing, emergency lighting, hydraulic controls and special components in the cab to run all of the equipment. 

 Complaint  May 8, 2020

Some residents have contacted Sylvania Township as a result of having received a letter offering the ability to opt-out of a recently-negotiated electric-generation fee which will be part of their electric utility bill.

Some concern may have been raised due to an unfamiliar name–Energy Harbor–as the generator. Energy Harbor is the company which, in effect, came out of the bankruptcy proceedings involving First Energy Solutions, a sister company of Toledo Edison.

Sylvania Township residents, as well as residents of all unincorporated areas of Lucas County, are part of an aggregation meant to give greater leverage when negotiating utility rates.

Mark Frye, of Palmer Energy, a consultant for the aggregation, said the letter was sent to comply with state law.

Sylvania Township has no involvement in the process.

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JEDD  May 8, 2020

Sylvania Township trustees have voted to establish the first Joint Economic Development District with the City of Sylvania.

The district covers the property generally known as Oakleaf Village, 4220 Holland-Sylvania Rd.

The tentative agreement includes, among other things, a prohibition against the city trying to annex the property while the JEDD exists.

Although this agreement doesn’t preclude any other annexation efforts by the city, Oliver Turner, township administrator, said that it is possible more properties could be added to the JEDD in the future, extending the non-annexation agreement, John Crandall, chairman of the trustees, acknowledged that the agreement doesn’t directly deal with the overall issue of annexation, but the JEDD “Is the only thing I’ve seen to try to get the issue resolved.”

It also calls for a board to be established to oversee the district in terms of necessary maintenance and tax collections.

Those in the JEDD would become subject to the 1.5 percent income tax which is the rate of the City of Sylvania.

Two members of the public spoke at the meeting , questioning the idea of a JEDD,  particularly in imposing an income tax, without a vote of the public.

Dawn Sanderson, an attorney for the township, said a vote of the public isn’t called for when the property or business owner of the site has requested a JEDD be established, Michael DiCarlantino, with Wallick Communities, owner of Oakleaf, added that the company  intends for their employees to see no negative impact in their take-home pay.

The oversight board will be established by representatives of the city and township.


After deductions for a maintenance fund for the district and some administrative charges, the city and township would share the revenue equally.

Mr. Turner said the township’s share of revenue from taxes would be between $15,000 and $19,000 per year.

The contract is expected to be on the May 18 agenda of Sylvania City Council.

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