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City of Sylvania
Mayor's Message, December 11 2019
"Sister City Update" 


"Sister City Update" 


Woodstock, Ontario is Sylvania's Canadian Sister City. The relationship and cultural exchange between the two communities is now in its 27th year and is growing stronger every year. 

Together with several other Sylvanians, we recently traveled to Woodstock for their Santa Claus Parade on Saturday, November 16, 2019. Town Crier Michael Lieber, Sylvania Township Fire Chief Michael Ramm, two Sylvania Police Officers, our Police Explorers Honor Guard and I all participated in the Saturday Night Parade. 

Mayor Craig Stough

City of Sylvania Mayor,
Craig A. Stough

Earlier in the day, the City of Woodstock presented the City of Sylvania with original artwork titled "Passing Under the Willow Bridge", of a natural scene near Woodstock, by well-known Woodstock artist Cathy Groulx, O.S.A. during a reception at her studio. Sylvania City Council President Mary Westphal and member Mark Luetke were present for the presentation along with many members of our Sister City delegation in Woodstock for the weekend events. 

It has become traditional over the years for Woodstock to send a delegation to our Fall Festival and Parade as we attend their Santa Claus Parade. Woodstock Mayor Trevor Birtch along with others attended the last two Sylvania Fall Festivals and rode in the Fall Festival Parades with me. Previous Woodstock Mayors Margaret Munnoch, John Geoghegan, Michael Harding and Pat Sobeski have all also visited Sylvania and ridden in our Parades. 

I treasure the many friends I have made in Woodstock over the years, including those Mayors and many more. I have traveled to Woodstock many times for various ceremonies and activities, including annual Vintage Base Ball games on Canada Day – July 1st. I have learned much about our neighbors to the north including their approaches and solutions to the many challenges of local government, which are very much the same as ours but often approached and financed differently. All subjects are open for discussion, local, regional and national, and my horizons have been broadened and my knowledge enriched by this international exchange. 

Sylvania Cookbook

Our Sister City relationship was formally established on October 22, 1992 by then Sylvania Mayor James E. Seney and Woodstock Mayor Margaret Munnoch after an initial period of investigation and introductions. The founding Sister City Agreement hangs both in their City Hall and ours. The document was signed by the Mayors, City Councils and our Sylvania Township Trustees, and is on public display in the Sylvania Mayor's office. 

Many Sylvanians including John Crandall, John Bolster, Scott Sutton, Joy Armstrong, Sister Sheila Shea, Mark Luetke, Michael Lieber and many more have contributed their time and efforts towards growing and enriching our Sister City activities and relationship. 

It is my hope that this international exchange and friendship will continue to grow and strengthen over the years to come. 

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