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Mayor's Message, November 25 2019
Roadway Snow and Ice Removal


"Roadway Snow and Ice Removal" 

Snow and ice removal started early this year when nearly 4" of snow fell in mid November. Three trucks were temporarily converted from leaf collection to snow and ice removal due to the early winter storm.

With completion of the annual leaf collection approaching, City of Sylvania Street Division Crews will soon be fully transitioning to roadway snow and ice removal. They will be removing the leaf boxes from the trucks and installing snow plows, salt spreaders and brine tanks for the coming winter season. 

Mayor Craig Stough

City of Sylvania Mayor,
Craig A. Stough

Snow and ice removal is an important service for our residents and is a big job in the City of Sylvania with over 73 miles of roadways to keep clear. Last winter, Streets Division workers spent 1,134 hours and used 1,498 tons of rocksalt to remove snow and ice from the roads. Our Parks Division also spent 320 hours clearing public parking lots and sidewalks. 

Some of the rocksalt is mixed into brine and applied to the streets a day or two before predicted storms. The brine prevents snow and ice from building up as the storm begins. Last year 24,977 gallons of salt brine was prepared and used. The City of Sylvania has two trucks equipped with liquid brine applicators and 11' wide snow plows, and five more trucks equipped with rocksalt spreaders and 11’ wide snow plows. 

Snow emergencies are declared whenever four or more inches of snow is forecast or accumulates on the streets. During these snow emergencies, there will be no parking permitted on City streets to allow the snow plows to efficiently clear the streets, and also keep the streets wide enough for emergency vehicles to respond to calls for service. 

Any vehicles parked in the streets during snow emergencies will be subject to ticketing and towing. Residents will be notified of snow emergencies through the media and by the Sylvania Alerts System, which residents can subscribe to without cost by visiting

Residents are also reminded of the legal requirement to clear sidewalks in front of their property by the next morning following a snowstorm. Although most residents clear their sidewalks, the City always receives complaints about those who don't. 

Snow and ice removal often keeps the trucks on the road 24 hours a day until the roads are clear. The heavier the storm, the longer the clearing process. The trucks will clear main roads first and then make one pass on all residential streets following predetermined routes, then return for a second pass to widen residential streets out to full width. 

Last winter was a little milder than the previous season. Let's hope we don't have too much severe winter weather this year. When we do have storms, our City crews and equipment are ready and will be on the road working to keep the snow and ice cleared. 

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