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Sylvania Students Earn a National NASA Championship 

A team of 9 seniors in the Sylvania Schools Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering program placed first in the 2021 National NASA Student Launch program in four categories.

The awards were announced during a virtual ceremony on June 3.  

Summer Fun 2021

National Rank - 2021 NASA Student Launch

1st Place - Judges’ Choice Award (NASA Student Launch overall award based on presentations, design, and execution)

1st Place - Altitude 

1st Place - Best Design

1st Place - Social Media (Twitter - @Nv_nasasl)

3rd Place - STEAM Engagement Award

3rd Place - Team Spirit

Fourteen out of 800+ teams from across the country qualified to participate and competed in the high school/middle school division by designing, building, testing, and flying a rocket to at least 3,500 feet above the ground. Students met with NASA employees virtually on 3 different occasions to give presentations and submitted over 400 pages of documentation relating to their work.

To qualify for the 2021 NASA Student Launch project, the team of students from the Northview Honors Engineering class successfully competed in The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) in 2020. 

The team participated in a series of design reviews with NASA throughout the year before the launch competition in April. In past years, this class has competed at the high school level. This year, the team qualified for the collegiate level challenge. 

“I’m so proud of our students! Their research, technical writing, problem-solving tactics, hands-on rocket construction, and field tests gave them incredible experiences that will be valuable as they pursue their careers.” -Superintendent Dr. Veronica Motley

The team is led by Northview Engineering teacher Ryan Reed and is part of the Sylvania Schools career technical Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering program. 

2021 Northview Engineering

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