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Southview students take first place in national competition
Thirteen Northview, Southview students nationally ranked

Sylvania Schools is proud to share the accomplishments of the Career Tech programming students at Sylvania Southview High School and Sylvania Northview High School.


As teams and individuals, the students participated in the virtual 2021 National Business Professionals of America competitions.  Thirteen students are nationally ranked. The Southview Software Engineering team placed first.

Summer Fun 2021

Southview programming classes are taught by Byron Jones.  Northview programming classes are taught by John Word.

1st -Software Engineering Team:  Jasjeev Singh, Lucas Curran, Jin Wong, Peter Sung
5th - Software Engineering Team: Kellan Elhai, Caden Bowman
9th - Mobile Apps: Jacob Seikel
10th - Mobile Apps: Jessica Molitor

6th - Fundamentals of Web Design: Eric Thomas
6th - Web Application Team: Cody Schafer, Remy Savoie, Reece Tatchell, Luke Rupp

Business Professionals of America is the premier CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in business management, information technology, finance, office administration, health administration and other related career fields.

With 45,000 members in over 1,800 chapters across 25 states and Puerto Rico, as well as an international presence in China, Haiti and Peru, BPA is an organization that supports business and information technology educators by offering co-curricular exercises based on national standards. 

1st place SV

 Southview's First Place Software Engineering Team - Jasjeev Singh, Lucas Curran, Jin Wong, & Peter Sung.

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