lucas county health dept
Board of Health Issues Order on Virtual Learning and Extracurricular Activities
November 25, 2020

Community spread conditions continue to worsen in Lucas County with average  cases per day exceeding 230 and a positivity rate between 15% and 20%. Lucas  County has been designated as a "Red" or high-risk county and is approaching the  highest risk level, "Purple." This level indicates very high exposure and  community spread and all in-person activities should be limited as much as  possible.  

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It is imperative to mitigate the potential increase of COVID cases in our schools  and our community.


With the understanding that students perform best when  physically present in school, and that significant disease spread is greatest with  increased interaction between persons, the following order was developed through  deliberate and extensive consideration to protect schools, attempt to limit the  community spread of COVID-19, and focus available resources and mitigation  strategies towards those with greatest need. 

The Lucas County Regional Board of Health passed a resolution during today’s  special board meeting ordering the following: 

All Lucas County Schools, including public, private, charter, and parochial  schools, will close all school buildings from December 4, 2020 at 4:00 pm  to January 11, 2021 at 8:00 am. The Board highly recommends that all  schools not wait until December 4 but to close immediately. Due to  anticipated issues with students in grades K-6 (unless the school  configuration is grades K-8 who can follow K-6 orders), schools may  remain open but may only open those facilities required to provide in person education for students in those grades. Schools have the discretion  to allow the education of grades K-6 (or grades K-8 as described above) to  be virtual, to continue with a hybrid in-person/virtual schedule, or, as the  order allows, to remain open for in-person education. Schools may open to  hold religious educational classes or religious ceremonies. Education for  Grades 7-12 (or 9 to 12 depending on school configuration) will be virtual  from December 4th until January 11th. All school buildings may open to  hold exams, staff to provide virtual instruction, and for special needs education requiring in- person instruction.  
All sports and extracurricular activities are prohibited from utilizing any  school building’s interior space for practice or contests during this same  period. 

The Health Department will continue the conversations and collaboration with  local school boards, to ensure the safest decisions are made, while protecting the  health of students, teachers, and faculty. 

For additional educational resources, school guidance, and full version of the  order, please visit:

November 23, 2020 COVID cases by zip code.  City of Sylvania is the highest (red), along with Sylvania Township zip code of 43615 (red).  The Sylvania Township zip codes of 43623 (light blue) and 43617 (yellow) are far below in the count.

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