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Sylvania FIRE EMS
A new Medic Unit joined the Sylvania FIRE-EMS on August 20, 2018.

The vehicle was purchased from Horton Emergency Vehicles (Columbus, Ohio). 

Sylvania's firefighters will spend the next few weeks training and installing local equipment before placing it into service. 

The new medic unit vehicle cost $273,000, with approximately $40,000 in free upgrades in exchange for approval to display it at a trade show (the Ohio Fire Chief's conference). The Sylvania Township Fire Department has one other Medic unit, a retired 2011 Lucas County EMS Life Squad that has over 100,000 miles. 

The process to purchase the new vehicle started in September of 2017.  A Committee was formed and then Sylvania FIRE EMS visited the manufacturing plant in Van Wert, Ohio, and Grove City, Ohio, or at times had the manufacturer bring ambulances to Sylvania for to be viewed. The Committee then decided on what manufacturer to concentrate on based on the various available features, safety items, warranties, after the sale service etc.  The vehicle went through the specifications process and was authorized for purchase by the Sylvania Township Trustees in December 2017.

"The vehicle was purchased under the State of Ohio Procurement purchasing program which essentially allows for a municipality to purchase certain items that were competitively bid through the state of Ohio, which saves money and delivery delay through a local bidding process which takes several months to complete," explained Sylvania FIRE EMS Deputy Chief Mike Froelich.

The front line service life of the new medic unit is anticipated to be ten years with an additional five years as a reserve unit, which is a purchase cost amortized at $18,266 per year.

Sylvania FIRE EMS currently has the following vehicles: 

  • Four front line Fire Engines

  • Three 2010 KME Engines

  • One 2016 Sutphen Engine and one spare 1994 Sutphen Engine.

  • Two Ladder trucks, a 2009 Seagrave 100 foot Tillered Aerial Ladder and one spare, a 1997  95 foot Sutphen Tower-Ladder.

  • Two Medic units, 1 2011 McCoy-Miller Ambulance (purchased used from Lucas County EMS) and 1 2018 Horton Ambulance that is being readied for service. We have an Air Unit, which is a 2005 McCoy-Miller ambulance purchased used from Lucas County EMS and converted to carry air tanks to supply air for the firefighters masks.

  • Seven staff vehicles for the Chief Officers, Fire Safety Inspector, Training Captain and a spare

  • One utility pick-up truck for towing the Safety Education Trailer (also used for other hauling as needed.
    *All staff vehicles were purchased through the State of Ohio Procurement purchasing program.

When asked why the new medic unit was purchased, Deputy Chief Froelich explained that the extended arrival time and depleted resources of private ambulances had prompted a return to ambulance transport by Sylvania's fire department, and that meant service with a used Lucas County EMS Life Squad. That unit is being called on to transport more than expected and with its age, the more it is used the more maintenance is required. This new medic unit will help pick-up some of the transports from the used ambulance and allow Sylvania FIRE EMS to provide a better service to the community.

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