Northview High School students open Food Pantry
Public welcome to donate items for Northview families
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Sylvania Northview High School students have a new option to turn to when they find they are in need of a meal.

"We decided to start a food pantry when we were made aware by a guidance counselor that multiple students were going to the nurse because they felt so sick because they were going hungry from the lack of food they had at home,"  explains Northview student Grace Donaldson.  "She started preparing them lunches to eat at school, but these students go hungry over the weekend.  One student said he didn’t have a lunch because he gave it to his little sister, since they only had enough food to pack one lunch.  We immediately came up with the idea to reach out to different food banks and see if someone would want to work with us, and SeaGate Food Bank so kindly agreed to partner with us. "

The Northview Student Council established the new Food Pantry in November 2019.  Donaldson, a member of the Student Council, says that the Northview guidance office has had some food items available in the past, like Kraft Easy Mac and Cheese and smaller items, but Northview has not had a food bank in this capacity. 


"SeaGate lets us choose which foods we want each month and how much of each item we want. It allows for diversity, so people aren’t constantly eating the same thing," says the Northview senior.  The food bank is replenished each month. 

Any student who would like to access the Food Pantry just needs to get a form signed by a parent, and then they are set to use it as much as they want.  Students accessing the Food Pantry will need to initial a form every time they use the pantry for inventory purposes. The pantry is located in teacher Tami Blue’s room, and Mrs. Blue works with the students to make sure grabbing the food is as discreet as possible. Bags are supplied to put the food in. 


"Our guidance counselors also have been setting us up with families," adds Donaldson.   "And we schedule after school pickups for them."

Donaldson pointed out that Mrs. Blue, Mr. Hede, and Northview principal Mr. Pugh have been extremely supportive in helping start up the new food bank.   


"Mr. Hede works very hard to find families in need and set them up with Mrs. Blue to pick up food. Many Sylvania students are not aware that many of our classmates do not know when they are going to have their next meal, so we want to do anything we can to ease that worry," says Donaldson.  "As high schoolers we have so many causes of stress, and hunger should not be one of them."


The public is welcome to drop off items for the food pantry.  Donations can be dropped off in the Northview front office during school hours and addressed for the Northview Food Pantry. 

Sylvania Northview Student Council members Nate Conway, Paige Beattie, Jack McGranahan, Grace Donaldson, and Ava Tuschman helped to establish the new Northview Food Pantry.

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