Sylvania Township News
Sylvania Township News, November 4 2021
by Mike Jones
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Budget  November 4, 2021

Sylvania Township’s annual budget workshop will be 9 a.m. Nov. 23 at the township administration building, 4927 Holland-Sylvania Rd.

The workshop is a presentation to the township trustees by department heads of their projected budgets for the coming year.

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Leaves  November 4, 2021

Sylvania Township road crews continue to collect leaves, although the amount has been well below normal for this time of year, according to Rob Nash, superintendent of the township Road and Service Department.

The township needs to continue to pick up the leaves that have been raked to the street or they can get wet and soggy and more difficult to collect.

There is also the problem of the leaves eventually blocking storm sewers if left uncollected. 

Ordinarily, the township contracts with a private company to help in the leaf-collection process beginning in mid-November.

Mr. Nash said that this year he has moved that back two weeks.

A & J Landscaping had been scheduled to augment township crews this year on Nov. 15, but he has moved that date to Nov. 29.  

He said “it’s not smart to fight against mother nature, so we’ll work with her.”