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Mayor's Message
by Craig A. Stough
"New Sylvania Police Vehicles" 

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The City of Sylvania is taking delivery of three new replacement police vehicles. The 2021 Ford  Police Inceptor Utility vehicles were ordered under State of Oho contract through Bauman (formerly  Matthews) Ford in Oregon in 2019 as complete package vehicles. Complete package means all  equipment is installed as well as vehicle graphics applied. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed delivery  until October, 2020.  

Mayor Craig Stough

City of Sylvania Mayor,
Craig A. Stough

The new cruisers will be equipped with an all blue emergency light bar. A 2004 Florida Highway  patrol study and a 2008 University of Michigan study found blue lights are more effective than red (or  white, yellow). There has been a trend across Ohio for police agencies to change to all blue lights.  Both the Ohio State Highway Patrol and Toledo Police utilize all blue light bars. We will have a few  red lights on the front and sides of the cruisers to comply with state law.  

These new police vehicles will have new graphics installed on their sides and rear as voted on by our  Sylvania police officers. The newly designed Sylvania Police seal will be the centerpiece of the  graphics package which features our badge and agency core values.  

Having the badge on the sides of our new cruisers is reminiscent to earlier graphic designs when  Sylvania Police cars had a badge on the door as the primary insignia. The badge is surrounded by the  department Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Service and Safety. The graphics package  includes the new City of Sylvania logo. The new vehicles also feature reflective chevrons on the rear  of the cruisers for more visibility when the vehicles are stopped in traffic or along the roadway.  

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These new police vehicles replace 5 and 6 year old vehicles with over 120,000 miles on their  odometers. Police vehicles receive hard usage, often idling or driving at low stop and go speeds.  Twenty years ago, the police vehicles were replaced every two years. Over the years, however, we  have been able to extend their useful lives to more than double that.  

All of our police vehicles, including these new vehicles, will be receiving new dashboard mounted  cameras. This new camera system replaces a ten year old in-car system and will include body worn  cameras as well. The City's first dash cam system was put in use about twenty years ago and utilized  VHS tapes.  

The new system includes electronic data transfer onto a central storage unit of both dash cam and body  worn camera data. The new system includes software to redact or blur any private or inappropriate  information before release. Images from body cameras worn into homes have to meet privacy  requirements that have now been addressed by State policy and is part of the software.  

I believe these new in-car cameras and body worn cameras will be an asset for our community. Both  the public and the police officers will have access to an accurate video record of events as they  happened. 

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