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Sylvania Township News, November 19, 2020
by Mike Jones
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UPdated Zoning Resolution November 24 2020
Sylvania Township’s updated Zoning Resolution may go to the Lucas County Plan Commission as early as next month, “or at the latest early January,” according to Glen Grisdale president of Reveille, the Bowling Green firm, working on the project. 

Mr. Grisdale said the commission may make revisions to the resolution, and if so, they will be incorporated into the document which will then go to the Sylvania Township Zoning Commission for their review and recommendations.

The final say on its adoption as the Sylvania Township’s Zoning Resolution will then be up to the township trustees.

Mr. Grisdale said much of the work has involved making it more user-friendly.

“We talked to developers and others who told us the resolution can be difficult to use and we tried to incorporate their ideas into what we’re preparing.”

Both he, and Daryl Graus, manager of the township’s planning and zoning office, have noted that the current resolution is at least 20 years old, but has been changed over that time with additions meant to address issues as they’ve arisen.

He acknowledged that the document could be cumbersome for users and welcomed the task of streamlining it.

Mr. Graus noted that in addition to making the document simpler to use, the township will consolidate a couple of residential zoning categories. He said those likely to be consolidated had many similar characteristics. He added that there will also be a new category including residential use.

He and Mr. Grisdale both pointed to a new multi-purpose category that will include residential and commercial uses. Mr. Graus said the new category will allow for ground-level offices or retail establishments with residential use behind or above the commercial properties.

Once adopted by the trustees, the resolution will outline permissible land uses and zoning regulations for the township.

JEDD Update  November 18 2020

Members of the board of the Joint Economic Development District, generally recognized as Oakleaf Village, 4220 Holland-Sylvania Rd., will continue their recruitment of someone to become the fifth member and chairman of the board.

William Sanford, a board member and the director of economic development for the city of Sylvania, said that he had reached an agreement with one person to join the board and serve as chair, but an unexpected change in that person’s business caused him to later decline.

Mr. Sanford and another board member, Oliver Turner, administrator of Sylvania Township, had offered to find someone to take the vacant spot on the five-member board.

The board has appointed a secretary.  Samantha Didion, administrative assistant and IT coordinator for Sylvania Township, is serving in that capacity.

The board is charged primarily with the necessary maintenance of the district and tax collections.

On the first of the year, those in the JEDD will become subject to a 1.5 percent income tax, the same rate as the city of Sylvania.

An official of Wallick Communities, owner of Oakleaf, said the company intends for their employees to see no negative impact in their take-home pay.

The board determined they would wait until the appointment of a chair before setting a long-term meeting schedule, but did set a virtual meeting for Dec. 21 at 2  p.m.

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Leaf Collection  November 18,2020

The beginning of the third cycle of leaf collection along roadways in Sylvania Township may be delayed by about a week, according to Rob Nash, superintendent of the township’s road and service department.

Originally scheduled to begin Nov. 30, Mr. Nash said despite hard-working crews, the amount of leaves and some rainy conditions have made the task difficult.

He also cited the difficulty he has run into in hiring temporary workers this year.

He said contractors have been used for some of the work and some township employees have been working six days a week in an effort to keep up with the annual job.

Some of his comments came after township trustees had complimented his department on this year’s collection efforts.

“We still intend to complete three cycles of leaf collection in the township,” Mr. Nash said.

The superintendent added that, as is often the case, the ability to do that will be dependent on the weather.

Pumper  November 18, 2020

Sylvania Township trustees have approved the sale of a 1994 Sutphen Deluge Pumper for use in firefighter training to Tolles Career Tech, of Plain City, OH.

Township Fire Chief Mike Ramm, wrote in his request for permission to sell the vehicle, that it had twice been offered on the auction site GovDeals and it had not sold.

He also noted that the township’s certified emergency vehicle technician had deemed the vehicle unfit for public use.

Tolles is a career and technical school, about 20 miles northwest of Columbus. It serves high school students from seven school districts and provides several adult learning classes.

The school will pay $500 for the pumper.

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