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Sylvania Township News, November 13, 2020
by Mike Jones
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Fire Levy Passes   November 5, 2020

When it became clear that the 1.9-mil levy for the Sylvania Township Fire Department would pass, Fire Chief Mike Ramm said his first thought was “I can breathe again.”

Although he hadn’t encountered or heard of any organized opposition to the levy, “you just can’t know, particularly during a pandemic.”

Typical campaigning, such as door to door contact, was curtailed.

He said the department’s need for additional funds were supported by a lot of people who worked on the campaign for issue 13 and a large part of the credit for the favorable vote also has to go to department personnel.

Chief Ramm said he is grateful for the community support and thinks it has been earned through the day-to-day professionalism of “the boots on the ground.”

His first task, he said, will be to go over budget figures and see about hiring new firefighter/paramedics. It won’t be simply adding to staffing, but he said it is likely the department will experience a number of retirements soon.

The staffing level will likely increase by two, he said and that should allow the department’s two patient transport units to be fully operational around the clock.

In addition to the current needs of the department, increased funding was necessary as the department was facing a deficit of about $1 million at the end of 2022.

“It has bought us a little economic security for the next couple of years,” he said, “but don’t look for us to go out spending it,” the chief said.

The goal will be to stretch the additional dollars as far as possible.

“I’ve gotten a lot of calls congratulating me,” he added, “but I’m just a cog in this machine and the congratulations go to everyone who worked on our campaign and everyone in the department.”

Billboard November 5,2020

Sylvania Township trustees have turned down a proposed amendment to the township’s zoning resolution which would have allowed for a billboard at Central Park West. 

The proposed billboard would have been allowed to advertise things not necessarily at that location. That type of billboard is known as “off-premise.”

Daryl Graus, manager of the Sylvania Township office of planning and zoning, said the township does allow for off-premise signs, but they are limited to 15 ft. in height and a sign face no greater than 72 sq. ft.

The amendment sought by JPM Holdings, LLC would allow for a 30 ft. high sign with a face of up to 382 sq. ft.

The Lucas County Plan Commission recommended the proposed amendment be denied as did the Sylvania Township Zoning Commission.

The township’s zoning staff also recommended disapproval.

Mr. Graus noted that some years ago Sylvania Township had adopted amendments to its sign code which encouraged the use of monument, or low profile, signs.

John Crandall, chairman of the trustees, suggested that larger signs might not be appropriate in most of the township, but that he didn’t see a problem if they were limited to the highly commercial Central Avenue and Reynolds Road.

He made a motion to approve the amendment, adding those two roadways, but it failed with trustees John Jennewine and Neal Mahoney voting against it.

The trustees did approve a zoning change for an office building at 4930 Holland-Sylvania Rd, across the street from the Sylvania Township Administration Building.

The applicants for the change, Jeffrey and Robert Lydy, said the rezoning it from professional-business office to general commercial, will allow for a greater range of businesses allowed in the 9,000 sq. ft. multi-tenant building.

Jeffrey Lydy told trustees that a nail salon and a massage therapist had inquired about renting space, but that neither business was allowed under the current zoning.

The county plan commission and the township zoning commission both recommended approval of the change as did the staff of the township planning and zoning office.

Seeking Volunteers  November 5, 2020

Sylvania Township trustees are seeking volunteers to serve on township boards and commissions where the terms of current appointees are set to expire at the end of the year.

Trustees noted at their most recent meeting that people in the positions where their term is expiring expect to apply for re-appointment and that the trustees are satisfied with those who hold those posts.

They decided to seek applicants in case circumstances change and to gauge interest in the community of those seeking more active rolls.

Open for appointment will be one three-year term on the board of the Sylvania Area Joint Recreation District, one one-year term on the Sylvania Area Arts Commission, one five-year term on the Sylvania Township Board of Zoning Appeals and one one-year alternate position on that board, and one five-year term on the Sylvania Zoning Commission as well as a one-year term as an alternate on the commission.

Applications for those interested in an appointment are available on the township’s website under “Departments > Administration > Board Appointment Application.”

Applications are due by Dec. 8. 

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