Sylvania Nutrition Expert to be featured on Radio Program in January  2020
Dena Nachtrab discusses health and wellness on WSPD 

Nutrition expert Dena Nachtrab

Dena Nachtrab, a certified nutrition coach, trainer, and lifestyle coach, will be a radio guest on WSPD 92.9 at 11:30 a.m., on Saturday January 18, 2020.


Nachtrab, the founder of Health and Wellness 419, will be discussing some nutrition basics, bust a few myths, and share some food prep ideas.


"I began my nutrition journey around 15 years ago when I was experiencing some aches and pains health wise,"  explains the longtime Sylvania resident.  "So I decided to experiment with my own nutrition and began whole food eating. I became obsessed with nutrition and began my own research and starting taking on clients for weight loss and lifestyle habits."


The fitness guru says that she coaches mainly via Facebook groups, workshops, and check ins, and one of her favorite activities currently offered is her "cook along" workshop each month.


"I love educating people to get to a place that they can become their own coach," says Nachtrab, adding that she is looking to do more local workshops and seminars on various topics.


To learn more about Health and Wellness 419:

click here to visit the Facebook group,

and click here to follow Dena Nachtrab on Instagram.

and see her Food for Thought 2020 below

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Sylvania's Health & Wellness Guru Dena Nachtrab goes on the air!
Saturday 11:30 WSPD, 1/18/20

Dena Nachtrab's Food for Thought 2020

  • Ditch the diet mentality of restriction. Instead focus on making sure you are getting the appropriate amounts of proteins fats and carbs to fuel your body. 


  • Stop under eating. Do not be afraid of more of the right foods. Chronically under eating lowers your metabolic rate (metabolism) and makes it harder to lose fat long term


  • Avoid excessive amounts of exercise. Recovery is just as important. Exercising too much lowers your ability to burn calories at rest. Our bodies are master adapters and know how to conserve energy when over exercising.


  • Emphasize strength training 2-4x weekly Realize cardio is just a tool and should be done for enjoyment and well being. 


  • Focus on getting strong with progressive overload (increasing weight lifted over time) and I promise you will look at exercise and nutrition in a whole new light.


  • Stop eliminating foods or thinking food are good or bad. Unless you have a food allergy or intolerance you do not need to avoid foods. Food are only bad because we mentally label them. 


  • Be honest with what you know you need to work on to be successful at fat loss. If you realize the sacrifice is not worth the outcome.. then be happy with where you at. If your willing to make the sacrifice then commit and get the job done.


  • Put realistic goals in place. Typically 1-2 lbs a week is a major big goal. One pound in 3500 calories. 


  • Realize you will always get diet fatigue at some point. When this sets in,allow yourself to reverse diet (increase calories to maintenance ) and start again when your committed. 


  • Stop comparing yourself to others. We are all built differently. You need to be realistic with what is possible for your body type. 


  • Progress over perfection. Be sure you diet is something that fits your life. What you can do consistently matters more than what you can do perfectly 

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