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Mayor's Message by Craig A. Stough
October 21, 2021
"Leaf Collection – One of Many Neighborhood Services"

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Autumn has arrived and once again the leaves are changing color and blanketing the yards and  gardens of Sylvania. Our "City of Trees" certainly lives up to its namesake by having tens of  thousands of trees throughout the community. Approximately 7,700 street trees are growing in  street right-of-ways alone, with many thousands more in parks and on private lands, including  the towering oaks and maples native to the area. 

Mayor Craig Stough

City of Sylvania Mayor,
Craig A. Stough

As a result, leaf collection is beginning again in our neighborhoods for this fall. Because of all  those trees, leaf collection is a very big job in the City of Sylvania. Last year, City crews spent  2,781 hours loading and hauling 11,983 cubic yards of leaves to the City composting field on  Yankee Road north of town.  

Leaf collection is just one of many services provided to city neighborhoods. Police, fire, street  repair, trash collection, recycling, snow removal, holiday tree pickup, tree trimming and street  cleaning are also provided throughout the City.  

I am always working to improve City neighborhood services so our neighborhoods remain a  great place to live, attract new residents and keep property values high. I regularly inspect  neighborhoods to see what is needed. If there is a storm, City crews are ordered to collect the  storm damage. If the streets need cleaning, the street cleaner is sent out. If there are potholes,  the street crews are called in.  

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This year's leaf collection begins the week of October 25th with one or two Streets Division  collection crews as needed following predetermined routes through the City. As more leaves are  raked to the curb, two additional crews will be added and work full time at leaf collection. In an  effort to speed up leaf collection, temporary workers are used and overtime is offered to City  workers in the Streets, Forestry and Utilities Divisions when needed.  

The City crews load leaves raked to the curb into leaf boxes mounted on city dump trucks using  diesel powered leaf loader vacuum units. Sticks, grass clippings, flowers, plants, etc. can clog or  even break the leaf loaders and are not to be part of the leaf collection process. Those items  should be set out separately for regular pick-up by the Yard Waste program of the Forestry  Division. An unlimited free Yard Waste pick-up is scheduled for November 1st to November  12th on your regular Yard Waste pick-up day.  

City crews will move as quickly as possible to collect all the leaves. The crews will make  multiple sweeps through the City, six rounds last year. If we have good weather, the leaves fall  on schedule, and it doesn't snow too much, the leaf collection will be completed by December  10th. But the weather and the trees don't always cooperate. Thanks for your patience! City of  Sylvania crews will be making their rounds and will be to your street soon. 

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