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Suspicious vehicle prompts announcements by school, police
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Sylvania residents reported incidents of a suspicious vehicle today, prompting the following announcements from Sylvania Township Police and Sylvania Schools:

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Sylvania Township Police Department Facebook post:  

Monday February 22, 4:09 pm.   

"This morning our officers responded to the area of Sylvania and Fairwood on a report of a suspicious motor vehicle following an adult female while she was out walking her dogs.  The vehicle was described as a blue SUV (possibly bearing California license plates), driven by a white male wearing a beanie cap.  The officers did not locate the vehicle at the time of the call.  


There was a second call approximately an hour later, reporting that the same vehicle was approaching kids as they waited for their school bus.  This call was from a third party, who had not witnessed it.  We did not receive any calls from parents or anyone directly involved in a second incident.  


We received another report about a suspicious vehicle matching this description about an hour ago. It was on Whiteford Rd near Arbor Hills Junior High. Nobody was approached. The vehicle was driving slowly in the area. Officers checked the area, but again the vehicle was gone on their arrival.


We are extra patrolling our jurisdiction and trying to locate the vehicle.  If you see a vehicle matching this description, or have any additional information, please call us at 419-882-2055."

Dr Veronica Motley

Sylvania Schools Superintendent
Dr. Veronica Motley

Dr. Veronica Motley, Sylvania Schools superintendent, also issued the following statement at 3:00 p.m. today:

"As you know, student safety is a number one priority for Sylvania Schools, and we want to make you aware of a report we received on social media as well as through our district’s tip line. Early this morning, we learned of an alleged incident that involved an older-model, blue SUV with California plates asking students if they needed a ride to school today.

In working with our local Sylvania City and Sylvania Township Police Departments, we confirmed no report was made of a stranger asking students if they wanted a ride to school.  However, a call was made to the police by an adult walking her dog who reported a suspicious driver in a vehicle at approximately 6:40 a.m. The same incident was reported to police by Sylvania Schools Transportation at 7:29 a.m. when a student from the same household relayed the early morning scenario to a bus driver. 

In light of the reports, both police departments have stepped up patrols through neighborhoods. We want to dispel any rumors regarding the alleged vehicle approaching students on the way to school: This morning there were no police reports and no direct reports to the district alleging a stranger in any vehicle approaching children on their way to school.

The incident that prompted the call to the police department this morning is a good reminder that everyone should be aware of their surroundings and report suspicious behavior. Safety is our top priority. 

Dr. Veronica Motley

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