Originally published in 1858, republished in 2020 by Sylvania History Buffs as part of the Discover History collection.  Written by Northwest Ohio author H L Hosmer, this literary gem belongs on the bookshelves of everyone who has had the good fortune to live in that beautiful area.  Click here to learn more about the book: https://www.simplysylvania.org/localhistory


You only only thought you knew Sylvania's local history.  Step back in time with the Discover History collection published by Sylvania History Buffs, and read what was written then.  You'll find it's a completely different story...

Available in paperback, black and white. 118 pages, indexed & illustrated.  Cover photo:  Ten Mile Creek in Sylvania, Ohio.


Primary source for the study of Ohio history.


This edition is only available through Sylvania History Buffs.

Early History of the Maumee Valley, 2020 Indexed & Illustrated Edition

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