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Zoom Open House-Public Hearing on Redeveloping Downtown Sylvania
Tuesday February 23, 2021
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The City of Sylvania is holding an online public meeting February 23, 2021 to address the redevelopment of the downtown Sylvania area as proposed in a new "Master Plan."  The new Master Plan will replace the 2010 Master Plan previously approved and adopted by the City. 

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The City of Sylvania adopted a "Comprehensive General Plan"  in 1967.    New land use plans were created, updated, voted on, and incorporated into that plan by Sylvania City Council in 1983, 1990 (with the Township), 1998, 2001, and 2010/2012.  Poggemeyer Design Group was hired by the city to create much of the planning work and updates for Sylvania from 1988-2012.  

Sylvania's Mayor Craig Stough has overseen Sylvania's redevelopment for over thirty years.  He has been part of the Sylvania administration since 1986, first on City Council and then, since 1996, as Mayor, and he has been a leader in the movement to redevelop and enhance the downtown Sylvania area.  Mayor Stough is an architect by trade, and operates Stough & Stough Architects with daughter Lindsey Stough.  Ms. Stough is now also part of the Sylvania administration, as she was elected to City Council in 2019.

Within months of being elected to Council, one of then-Councilman Stough's first big redevelopment moves came about when he was named Chairman of the new "City of Sylvania Development Committee," in 1987, and led the creation of a plan to purchase and demolish the residential properties on Monroe Street between School Drive and the railroad tracks (across from the library), and in their place build a stately City Hall (see 1987 recommendation).   He was successful in that endeavor, and the structure is still in use today, now a familiar landmark in the Sylvania downtown neighborhood.

For this newest Master Plan, the City of Sylvania recently released a video in which Mayor Stough, his daughter Sylvania City Councilwoman Lindsey Stough, and Economic Development Director Bill Sanford, as well as Michelle Johnson, author of the new 33-page Master Plan, present their views.  The video is 48 minutes long. (click to view video)

Virtual Public Meeting Open House

 Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

  • Final Downtown Master Plan recommendations for the City of Sylvania will be presented:

  • Zoom meeting login info for 2/23/2021 (6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.)
    Meeting ID: 330 375 9142

  • Staff from Environmental Design Group, author of the new Master Plan, will be present to answer questions concerning their recommendations.

  • For questions prior to this meeting,  contact Bill Sanford, City of Sylvania, at 419-885-0482 or

Excerpt from the last Master Plan, which started in 2010 and was finalized in 2012, shows a "current" map with the Historical Village encompassing more area than today in 2021.  Within the last year, despite the Master Plan's suggestion of "repurposing" those properties to create a mixed use area with shops & offices, the City has sold two properties within that Historical Village area, slated them for demolition for a parking lot and expansion of Inside the Five, and a third property, also within that designated Historical Village area, was put up for sale recently.  
Note:  The Historical Village is owned and operated by the City of Sylvania, though through an arrangement of a 501(c)3 non-profit, Heritage Sylvania.  Board members are: 
Thomas Blank, Chair
Evan Ericksen, Secretary
Jim Vogel, Treasurer
Board Members:
Dr. Mary Robinson
Kim Hess
Sandy Husman
Sue McHugh
Robert Smith
David Malolepsy
Rebecca Zechman
Mayor Craig Stough
Executive Director – Andi Erbskorn 

Houses owned by the City, in the area designated by the 2010/2012 Master Plan as the Historical Village area, are slated for demolition, and Mitchell's clock shop, which is privately owned, also has been sold recently.  Another property has been put up for sale.  The plans and suggestions adopted in the 2010/2012 plan regarding this area did not come to fruition.  (see Downtown Redevelopment Update for details)

Another page of the 2010/2012 Master Plan addresses the houses in the historical village area, and how they could be repurposed while maintaining historical value.  

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Additional resources:

-View the new Downtown Master Plan created by Environmental Design Group (33 pages):
Master Plan newly updated January 2021


-View the finalized 2010/2012 Master Plan created by Poggemeyer Design Group:

-View the Sylvania Charter:

Charter of the City of Sylvania updated 2012

-View related articles: 

-Visit the Environmental Design Group official website:

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-Follow the City of Sylvania on Facebook: 

A new video has been released by Environmental Design Group, "Creating a Thriving City: Economic Development and Proactive Planning in the City of Sylvania," in advance of the public hearing to be held by the City of Sylvania.

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2021 new Master Plan excerpt

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2021 new Master Plan excerpt

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2021 new Master Plan excerpt

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2021 new Master Plan excerpt

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2021 new Master Plan excerpt

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2021 new Master Plan excerpt

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