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Plan announced for return to in-person schooling
February 18 announcement calls for March 22 return
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Sylvania Schools has announced a plan to return to in-person learning on Monday March 22, 2021.  The information was released in a YouTube video featuring Sylvania Schools superintendent Dr. Veronica Motley.  Watch video now

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"On Monday March 22 we will welcome all of our students into our classrooms for the first time since last March," Dr. Motley says in the six minute video.  The superintendent acknolwdges that for some parents the news may cause some "trepidation."

"Please know that as a district we continue to keep our student safety a number one priority and I am confident our framework will allow us to continue our educational process in a safe and responsible manner as we are using science and the most recent information available to make this decision."

The video goes on to address specific CDC mitigation strategies and various concerns parents may have.

Students will be returning one week before spring break, and SALA students will not be affected.


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