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Sylvania Schools Announce New District Logo
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SYLVANIA, Oh.-  Sylvania Schools announces the launch of a new district logo, “Our Sylvania Schools” along with the new tagline “Excellence through Opportunity”. Superintendent Dr. Veronica Motley shared the new logo today through a video.

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The new logo has purpose and meaning. 

"Our Sylvania" - This expresses that the district comes together to ensure the future success of the community as a whole.

The Star - For nearly 30 years Sylvania Schools has used a star in our logo. The star has often been used to represent the district. The tradition continues by prominently featuring a new star that now dots the "i" in the word Sylvania. The center arrow of the star shoots up and aims high to signify the heights of success Sylvania students and staff will always work to achieve.

Colors - Traditionally, blue has been the unifying color for the district. Various shades of blue have been used over the years. The blue in the center of the arrow complements the high school colors that also appear on the star. Northview's color is pointing north. Southview's color points south. 

"Excellence through Opportunity" - Excellence has always been an expectation. Using the new tagline emphasizes the district’s commitment to providing opportunities which is a key component in creating and achieving excellence.

Website Redesign - sylvaniaschools.org has been updated to create a better experience for the website users. 

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, the former logo will be retired as the district transforms digital and printed materials with the new logo. Additionally, the website will become a more dynamic space where we share current information.