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School district joins Fire Department for "Keep 'Em Clear Challenge"
Competition runs through March 7, 2021
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Sylvania Schools has adopted the district's fire hydrants and announced a school vs. school competition to encourage clearing snow from hydrants.

The event has been posted on Facebook page, residents can post their pictures in the comments. 

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Help keep Sylvania safe by clearing snow and ice away from fire hydrants.
It takes 5 - 20 minutes to locate and shovel out a fire hydrant, and those minutes could turn out to be lifesaving if a fire breaks out in your home or a neighbor's home. Critical time is wasted when firefighters arrive on the scene of a fire and have to dig out a fire hydrant that has not been cleared of snow or ice.

If there’s a fire hydrant near your house, help keep it accessible. Clear at least three feet on all sides. Do your part so they can do theirs.
Imagine the power of 7,800 students and their families. 

Let's all support our local fire departments by participating in this challenge!

Clear the area around the fire hydrant and submit your information in the form.
Submit the form here (LINK) to help your school in the challenge.

Fire Hydrant Challenge
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