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Mayor's Message by Craig A. Stough
September 9, 2021
"Household Refuse and Recycling Update" 

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The City of Sylvania administration has negotiated an updated refuse and recycling contract with  Republic Services, our current contractor. The updated service contract was negotiated with  almost no rate increase from the current cost for the next five years.  

Mayor Craig Stough

City of Sylvania Mayor,
Craig A. Stough

Several years ago, our curbside recycling contract with Republic Services was renegotiated to  deliver a recycling cart to each household in the City. The covered carts ended the problem of  recycled newspaper and other materials blowing around the neighborhoods. These carts also  made the collection process more efficient for Republic by allowing a truck mounted mechanical  arm to lift and empty the carts.  

The same update has now been negotiated with Republic Services for our refuse collection. The  City of Sylvania will be converting from can/bag collection to automated refuse collection to  complement our already existing automated recycling collection service. The refuse carts will  make the refuse collection process more efficient and cost effective, and are being furnished by  Republic.  

A 95-gallon refuse cart will be delivered to each residential customer at no charge as part of the  new contract. This is in addition to the existing recycling cart already at your residence. Like  the recycling carts, these new wheeled carts are designed to hold up to 95 gallons of refuse, and  are scheduled to be delivered to residents beginning the week of Monday, September 27, 2021.  

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Each cart will have a packet of information with guidelines for collection service along with  specific start dates for using the cart. Since the distribution of the carts is occurring the week  prior to the City's unlimited pickup, please feel free to put out old refuse containers for collection  on your service day the following week if you no longer want them. 

Recycling will remain every other week as it is now. However, Republic will no longer collect  all recycling during the same week. Some residences will move to the opposite week of what  they currently are now. The City will be divided into two (2) collection weeks. Information on  the new collection weeks will be included in the information that accompanies your cart when it  is delivered.  

Additional tags for extra refuse bags are available for purchase for $2.25 per tag and bulk item  tags are available for $12.50 per tag from City Hall.  
If you have any questions please feel free to contact the City of Sylvania Utility Office at 419- 885-8733 or email at

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