Rezoning sought for indoor shooting range at Harvest Place-
Pro-Con feedback must be submitted to City by Thursday December 17
*updated December 20, 2020, see Zoom meeting instructions
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An indoor shooting range and gun shop is in the works for the building that formerly housed The Anderson's Market at 7600 W Sylvania Avenue in Sylvania.

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Midwest Shooting Center (MSC), of Cridersville Ohio, has filed a petition for a zoning change with the City of Sylvania.  The nineteen-page petition packet (click to view packet in entirety), filed on October 3, seeks a variance which will make it legal for an indoor shooting range to operate in the old Anderson's Market building.

"With the success we've had in our Cridersville location and the acknowledgement we've received in the industry, we're really excited to bring this experience to Sylvania," said a MSC spokesperson.  "We're looking forward to meeting a whole new group of people and being able to serve the needs of the shooting sports community."  

The petition was reviewed by the City of Sylvania Planning Commission on November 10 (click to read minutes).  The Planning Commission approved the petition, and, following the City's own requirements listed in the Codified Ordinances of Sylvania, the petition was then forwarded on to Sylvania City Council for a public hearing, review and recommendation. (click to view CODIFIED ORDINANCES OF SYLVANIA)

As is also required of the city, letters of notice about the proposed zoning change and public hearing were sent to the owners of the eleven adjacent business and residential properties.  The letter included the proposed actions and an invitation to the public hearing:

"Notice is hereby further given that a Public Hearing will be held before the Council in Council Chambers in the Municipal Building, 6635 Maplewood Avenue, Sylvania, Ohio 43560, on Monday, December 21, 2020 at 6:30 p.m., at which place and time any person or persons interested in the granting or denial of, or the granting of some modification of said application for the Special Use, may be heard."


(click to view letter in full)


Currently, MSC is also seeking to establish a new location in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is in the same process there, with a request for a zoning change.  That MSC location, if approved, will be going into an old "Babies R Us" store building.

Some Sylvania residents have expressed concern about the prospect of a shooting range adjacent to residential property and in the neighborhood of the public library and Southview High School, and those individuals are looking into creating an informal group in which to share information about the situation and possibly take action.* 

The public hearing will be held in Sylvania City Council Chambers on December 21.  City officials encourage residents to attend the hearing and participate with comments and questions.  The owners of Midwest Shooting Center will be at that hearing, and residents will also be able to listen to the questions and answers between council members and the shooting range owners. 

To participate and  voice your opinion FOR or AGAINST this proposal, see below. PLEASE NOTE THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE OF THIS THURSDAY, 12/17. 
EMAIL: Write an email to – this email must be received by no later than Thursday, 12/17

Include your name, mailing address and email address in the email
Emails will be provided to City Council Members as part of the documentation they receive to review.

  • Reference Petition No. SUP-1-2020

Clearly state your position FOR or AGAINST the proposed zoning change

PARTICIPATE: Write an email to asking to be added to the ZOOM call email list to participate in the meeting
Include your name, mailing address and email address in the email and

  • Reference Petition No. SUP-1-2020

Clearly state your position FOR or AGAINST the proposed zoning change

ATTEND IN PERSON: City Council may allow residents to come to the City Chambers and speak in the ZOOM meeting – please email or call the City Clerk, Sharon Bucher to learn more about this option as it has not yet been clearly determined and/or communicated:
Sharon Bucher
6730 Monroe St.
P: 419-885-TREE (8733) Option 6

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Sylvania Municipal Planning Commission

Minutes of the regular meeting of November 10, 2020. Mr. Lindsley called the meeting to order. 
Members present: Mayor Craig Stough, Ken Marciniak, Carol Lindhuber, Kathleen Fischer, and Thomas Lindsley (5) present. Zoning Administrator, Timothy Burns present. 

Ms. Lindhuber moved, Ms. Fischer seconded seconded to approve the Minutes of the October 14, 2020, meeting as submitted. Vote being: Stough, Lindhuber, Marciniak, Fischer and Lindsley  (5) aye; (0) nay. Motion passed by a 5 to 0 vote. 

Item 3 – Council Referral – for review and recommendation, Special Use Permit Application, SUP 1-2020, submitted by David Sabo, 501 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, Ohio 45805, for a Special Use  Permit to operate a shooting range at 7600 W. Sylvania Avenue, Sylvania, Ohio 43560. 

Mr. Sabo was present along with Mr. Jeff Swinford, both of Midwest Shooting Center. 
Mr. Swinford gave a brief presentation that included background information on himself, Mr. Sabo  and the Midwest Shooting Center.  

Members asked many questions about the shooting facility such as the safety of the building structure, security, noise, volume of patrons expected each day and hiring practices of the employees. 

Mr. Swinford and Mr. Sabo explained that the safety materials of the building include a fortified exterior that would include bollards around the perimeter, internal poured concrete walls with underlying reinforce steel, a compressed rubber membrane and many other items and added that  there has never been a single projectile escape a facility; that they will have cameras both inside  and outside the facility; that the materials provided for the fortification of the building will also  serve and noise control, so much that no sound will be heard outside building or even inside the  building outside of the shooting area; that they expect to receive between 200-250 patrons per day;  and that extensive interviewing, background checks and drug screening will be required of all employees.  

Further discussion of details about the business took place including shooting lane rentals, memberships, the various types of training that would be provided, gun sales and the requirements  for those sales, potential use of the facilities for training by local law enforcement, hours of  operation and also the revenue expectations.  

Mr. Marciniak moved, Ms. Lindhuber seconded, to recommend to Council to approve the Special Use Permit as requested. Vote being: Marciniak, Lindhuber, Fischer, Stough and Lindsley (5)  aye; (0) nay. Motion passed by a 5 to 0 vote. 

Mr. Marciniak moved, Ms. Lindhuber seconded to adjourn the meeting. All present voted aye. Meeting adjourned. 

Submitted by, 
Debra Webb, Secretary 
Municipal Planning Commission


Zoom meeting information can be obtained after 12:00 noon on Monday, December 21, 2020 by emailing your contact information to  

The meeting will be live streamed on You Tube, comments and chat have been disabled.  All comments or feedback must be sent to the before the end of Sunday December 20 in order for Council to review them before the hearing. 

To view the meeting on YouTube, follow this link: 

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