"Covid Christmas," released by Skoobie Snaks
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"Covid Christmas," an original song by Skoobie Snaks, is lightening the mood this holiday season.

The Sylvania band has been playing together and entertaining audiences at festivals and nightclubs for 25 years, and this year they decided to put out an original Christmas song.

"Originally we thought we’d do a Christmas cover, but we did that already back in 2003," explained Skoobie Snaks band member Brad Bury.  "But Bob Stevens suggested doing an original this year, about a Covid Christmas.  That is something everybody relates too.”

They began in October, then wrapped it up and released the song with a video last weekend.  The video was filmed here in Sylvania at Bury's home.

"The scene with the Zoom call in the video was the funniest," Bury said.  "It took us forever to figure out how to do a  zoom call.  Probably took longer than all of the other footage in the video."

Bury said that the song has already been picked up by some radio stations, including 93.5 and Denny Shaffer.

"Its nice to hear our music getting played, and people getting excited about it," said Bury.  "Especially with the times that we’re in right now with COVID, social distancing, and all that."


The three band members do take COVID very seriously, especially during their day jobs.  Mike Coulter, on bass and vocals for the band, is a physical therapist with PT Link;  Bury is the drummer, and he works in the supply chain at Promedica supplying PPE; and Stevens is a pilot when he's not playing guitar.


"Obviously, COVID is a serious topic, with people dying and getting sick," Bury continued. "The way we took it was more of an idea that everybody is dealing with the same frustration.  But obviously it is a serous issue going on.  We’re trying to have some fun with it."

Bury said that there are no gigs scheduled for the band anytime soon, but they do hope that the festivals and nightclub fun will start up again by next summer.  For now, fans can follow Skoobie Snaks on Facebook and subscribe to their Youtube channel, and watch the video below to enjoy a little "Covid Christmas," Sylvania-style.

From the way the song has already taken off, Sylvanians will probably be hearing "Covid Christmas" on the radio, too.

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