Stem Center Aligns with Sylvania Recreation,  Sylvania Arts 
Merger will allow STEM and Sylvania Arts to benefit from upcoming tax Levy 
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Sylvania STEM Center, in collaboration with Sylvania Recreation Corporation, and Sylvania Arts Commission are pleased to announce a strategic alliance.


Through a recent grant from the Toledo Community Foundation, members of each board collectively met to explore ways to  collaborate and positively impact the Sylvania Community. This Strategic Alliance Partnership  is an opportunity to build something unique to inspire all community members to learn and  grow as they imagine, play, and create. 

Individually, the organizations offer incredible benefits and opportunities to the community; but  collectively, they have the potential to do something that has never been done. With a partnership, on the horizon of a new potential Multigenerational Community Center, there will  be a chance for community members of all ages to engage and participate; to challenge themselves to try new things; to broaden horizons that may otherwise be overlooked. This is an innovative approach to cultivating athletics, arts, science equally within the community. 

All three organizations have the anticipated outcome of joining forces under the umbrella of Sylvania Recreation Corporation.  In the meantime, they will be collaborating to promote the upcoming levy for the Multigenerational Community Center, which stands to house a large STEM/Maker space as well as community space for Art and Theater productions in addition to many other recreational activities. 

“We have always wanted to tie-in with the arts, because every one of our kids that is part of the STEM program is also in some sort of art program,” said Crystal Burnworth, member of the Sylvania STEM Board of Directors.  “Whether they’re in drama, orchestra, band, or something.  So its definitely complementary in the brain.”

Burnworth explained that the merger and passing of the new levy will open the door to new experiences for many, not just children or those interested in engineering. 

"We’re promoting everybody to be problem solvers, not just engineers.  And we are not only talking K-12 kids, we are also talking about a “MakerSpace."  That's a concept that’s new to most people,” explained Burnworth.   “We’re saying that we could create a space that, from the time you are five years old until you are ninety years old, you could come in and use this maker's space to do whatever you wanted to do.  So for example, you wouldn’t have to have a $10,000 laser printer, you could just could in and use the printer that we have.”  

There are  centers across the country that offer their residents a combined location with a MakerSpace, arts programming, STEM programming, and physical recreation activities, but Burnworth suggested that Sylvania's proposed plan would be the first of its kind in Ohio.

“Northwest Ohio is behind, but we’re getting there,” added Burnworth.  “If this levy goes through, and we’re able to get a space designated for our STEM teams and our MakerSpace, we can really make it happen for Sylvania.  What this is going to do for kids, and the whole community, will be incredible.”  

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