Clean-up is underway for summer storm damage
Township has added a special pick-up, while City offers regular yard waste pick-up  
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Clean-up is underway for Wednesday's summer storm that caused downed trees and limbs in some areas of Sylvania City & Township and left other areas relatively untouched.

"There was an area in Lincoln Woods that had a lot of private property damage, and that was not observed in other places," recalled City of Sylvania Parks & Forestry Superintendent Patrick O'Brien.​   

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O'Brien advises City residents to follow the green yard waste schedule and guidelines for storm clean-up, unless a City tree was involved. 
Click for Green Waste Collection, schedules A & B

"If they've got a City tree, a tree that's in between the sidewalk and the curb, and they've got material down from it, they should give us a call and we'll come out and get it," said O'Brien.​  

Most City of Sylvania residents appear to have been spared from the worst of the wild winds that wreaked havoc on Township roads.  The Township will be bringing in three sub-contractor crews and pulling eight employees off of road construction to work on the storm damage with a one-time special brush pick-up.  Click for more Township Brush Pick-up information

"Primarily, the area affected the most is north of Sylvania Avenue and east of Holland-Sylvania," explained Robert Nash, Sylvania Township Road & Service Superintendent.  "But we are going to provide this pick-up for the whole Township." 

Nash was in agreement with the many residents who witnessed the damage and believed the storm was more severe than had been initially reported.  

At 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, the National Weather Service issued a "Severe Thunderstorm Watch" for 3:45 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., and no further announcements were issued until the "Watch" was cancelled at 8:45 p.m.  The storm hit Sylvania in the early evening hours.

"There obviously was something other than just high winds because we have trees down in multiple directions and splintered," said Nash.   "Especially up in the Laskey-Alexis area, Corey Road, north of Sylvania Avenue.  There's some severe damage up there on Cartagena, and Valencia.  You look at the limbs and some of them are busted off in different directions and splintered.  It was very odd.  It might have been some straight line winds, or a gust or burst of something that hit certain areas.  And there are some areas that don't even look like anything happened."  

Nash said he did not think the summer road construction work would be impacted by the storm, despite Township employees now switching gears to storm clean-up.

"I think we'll be able to catch back up," said Nash.  "I don't think it will hinder us in our construction because most of our larger construction projects are sold to bigger firms, and those are the ones we're trying to get the brush off the road for.  That's important for them."

The Township's special brush pick-up for storm debris will begin July 19.


Damage at Olander from the Wednesday evening storm, July 7 2021. 

Photo courtesy of Olander Park System.

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