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Blizzard shmizzard, there's sunshine and smiles today too!
Social media posts go viral during the blizzard on February 16, 2021
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February 16, 2021; Level Three Snow Emergency

Longtime Sylvania resident Lisa Mains had the good fortune to be up in the wee hours of this blizzardy day and glance out her front window just in time to witness a moment that has gone viral and is giving folks everywhere a smile...

At 4:00 a.m. today a City of Sylvania snow plow driver was hard at work clearing a path on New England Lane when he came across a car clearly stuck in the snow, with the two occupants trying unsuccessfully to get it un-stuck.  The city worker cleared around the car with his truck, but then instead of continuing on, he stopped and got out of his vehicle.  He joined the two in pushing the car out and made sure they were safe before climbing back into the snow plow and heading off into the snowy dark. 

Ms. Main said she posted the story online in hopes of not only giving her neighbors a much-needed smile today, but to also bring some recognition to the Sylvania worker who went above and beyond to save the day for two Sylvanians in need.
"He deserves credit," said Mains.  "That's why I put the street and time, hoping they could get a name."
The story was posted in the Facebook group for Sylvania Parents & Taxpayers, and was "Liked" hundreds of times in the first few hours alone.  

City of Sylvania Director of Public Service/Safety Kevin G. Aller was quick to respond to the social media post and provide the name of the city worker.

"Mark Hayden was the employee that assisted the stuck car," said Aller.   "We’re very happy to recognize him for his awesome efforts."

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