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Sylvania Schools students participate in NASA Student Launch
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Sylvania Northview High School’s Honors Engineering proposal was selected for the 4th consecutive year by NASA for the 2020-2021 NASA Student Launch project.  Teams from across the country compete by designing, building, testing, and flying a rocket to at least 3,500 feet above the ground. 

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The Northview 10-member team of seniors is participating in a series of design reviews with NASA throughout the year before the launch competition in April 2021.


The 2021 team is led by Northview Engineering teacher Ryan Reed and is part of Sylvania School’s career technical Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering program. In past years, this class has competed at the high school level.  This year, the team qualified for the collegiate level challenge. 

The NASA Student Launch is a research-based, competitive and experiential exploration project that provides relevant and cost-effective research and development to support the Space Launch System, or SLS.  The project involves reaching a broad audience of colleges and universities across the nation in an eight-month commitment to design, build, and fly payloads or vehicle components that support SLS.  Participation is limited to U.S. Institutions.

After a competitive proposal selection process, teams participate in a series of design reviews that are submitted to NASA via a team-developed website.  These reviews mirror the NASA engineering design lifecycle, providing an experience that prepares students for the Human Exploration and Operations workforce.  Teams must complete a Preliminary Design Review, Critical Design Review, Flight Readiness Review, and Launch Readiness Review that includes a safety briefing.  Teams must analyze payload and flight data during a Post Launch Assessment Review.  In addition, teams must successfully complete an initial and a final Launch Readiness Review that includes a safety inspection prior to launch.

Supported by the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate and U.S. aerospace industry, NASA Student Launch is a NASA-conducted engineering design challenge to provide resources and experiences for students and faculty.  The project is built around a NASA mission, not textbook knowledge. 

The Sylvania Northview 2020-2021 engineering class.

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