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Why support your only local independent news source?

In addition to being the only news outlet solely covering Sylvania City & Township local news, over the years you have seen the work Sylvania News has done for the community all around the town, though you would not have seen our name on it;  Since day one, Sylvania News/ Simply Sylvania has created, printed, published and distributed flyers, posters, and important news alerts and announcements for individuals, organizations, and businesses in your community, including Sylvania firefighters, Sylvania Schools, and Sylvania Area Family Services, and individual fundraisers as well, often, sadly, in instances of fire loss or sudden tragic losses... always free of charge, never a cost to businesses or organizations, including print/production costs for posters and flyers.  From the Firefighter's pancake breakfast and school & sporting events to fundraisers like The Chocolate Affair for SAFS, Sylvania News has always supported the sharing of information in every way possible because doing so makes our little corner of the world better for everyone.  

With the generous support of the community, Sylvania News is now in its eighth year of serving Sylvania City & Township (click to learn more).    

And, thanks to you, we're still going strong.

thank you